Identity Graph Triangulation®

Data is scattered everywhere and people access the internet from multiple devices. There is no question that marketing and sales teams need visibility into a prospects’ entire customer journey. But where do you start?

Why Identity Graph Triangulation is important

Identity Graph Triangulation help marketing and sales identify individual contacts and buying groups to get a single view of the customer. True Influence’s Identity Graph Triangulation links and identifies valid signals in the customer or prospect data stream (from IP identification, device identification, email identification) that represent individuals consuming B2B topics and content.

Once a person is identified, their identity is validated at the device level. This Identity Graph Triangulation process not only makes it possible to identify intent signals but adds greater confirmation and completion to help you confidently target buying groups and customers regardless of device or profile they are consuming content under.

Why it matters

Every activity on the web leaves behind a snapshot of the user. The more you know, the more you can strategically target your selling and go-to-market activities.

Our goal is to help you expand your reach and ensure you are reaching customers on every channel. The ability to identify buyers when they reach out to engage with your brand is one of the core foundations of marketing.

Why we’re different

We gather, merge and compare data from different data streams and different sources and we execute against it every day through our own demand generation channels. Because we use device data, a data source most other intent data providers don’t have, we have higher accuracy rates.

Don’t waste any more time on marketing to the wrong people—target the people who are active and in-market today.

Rely on True Influence’s Identity Graph Triangulation solution to:

  • Get a unified view of your customers
  • Measure campaign performance through cross-device attribution
  • Deliver advertising at the right time in the buyer’s journey
  • Maximize your return on marketing spend
  • Provide content based on customer interests
  • Deliver an enhanced customer experience

See what Identity Graph Triangulation® can do for you: