True Influence – Our True Selves

Who we are. What we do. And why we care.

We’ve built our company around great people.

Sales Director
Boston, Massachusetts

Scott has been a True Influencer for the past three years and loves being a trusted partner for his clients by providing relevant intent insights and actionable recommendations. He is passionate about client success and helping his customers win. His other passions include being a good role model for his  kids so they can be well-rounded and well-adjusted. And LSU Football.

R Venkat
Data Scientist

As a data scientist, R Venkat took ownership of the Relevance Engine related Data engineering and Data science processes and with lots of hardwork and many hours of midnight oil, he and his data team rolled out a new product in a very condensed timeframe. Wanting to be the best, at whatever he does, he plays tennis and badminton, loves to read, learn and upskill himself. And who knew, the Covid crisis brought out some culinary skills when he started cooking more often.

RVP Sales East

Relatively new to the True Influence team, Matt was struck by the positive culture and team attitude…..sales reps on different teams, helping each other out… that’s crazy talk : ) He is a huge proponent of open and productive communication and regular meetups, with a huge helping of humour. His 5-year old twins are a great distraction and motivator and he loves his Peloton, photography, and learning.

Director, Sales Enablement
North Carolina

Kombucha, anyone? Terry loves to plan and cook meals for his family and has recently learned how to make the non-alcoholic, fermented, black tea beverage and he’s not deterred though he blew up a bottle in his first batch. He has been at True Influence almost 2 years and is excited to be part of a vibrant team who is passionate about their work.

True Influence Manifesto

Who We Are. What We Do. Why We Care.

These are the core beliefs that have driven our thinking since True Influence was founded in 2008. Our attitudes reveal our character, so here’s how we roll!

We’re built to be virtual.

True Influence has been a virtual organization from the beginning. For the first three years, our two co-founders didn’t even meet face to face! They launched the company via Skype, so we really were built for this. We’re a virtual team, which means we’re also agile. Our remote-friendly systems and processes have been in place for a long time, and this way of operating is very familiar and productive.

We treat each other like customers.

Respect and trust is a two-way conversation, and True Influencers treat each other as courteously as we would our customers. Everyone wants to do their best, and we’re all about helping each other, whether it’s through our 90-day “No-layoffs” policy for True Influence employees, or a “No-worries” policy for our customers.

We. TripleCheck. Everything.

TripleCheck® – yes, we own the word – isn’t just a good idea for our data; it’s also a great way to run a business. From our CEO on down, we try to bring in three other opinions when testing new ideas or exploring options. This behavior is innate in our company, and it reduces the possibility of mistakes. We’re well disciplined in our core belief that you cannot sacrifice quality. We won’t release a product too soon, nor deliver a lead without it being triple checked and verified for accuracy. The secret of who we are is wrapped up in our obsession with quality and making sure things are right. 

We deliver with speed and accuracy.

When it comes to speed and accuracy, we’re masters in our domain. As our founder likes to explain, if you want to be a master at something, only two things matter: your ability to combine speed with accuracy. Speed and accuracy: It’s that difficult and that simple. Consider how often basic things combine to create something complex and powerful. Tae Kwon Do, for example, is based on just seven moves. A piano has 88 keys. Anyone can make those moves; anyone can play those keys, but the results are completely different in the hands of a master versus a novice. While speed and accuracy may seem like table stakes in the data business, not everyone delivers to the same degree. Some are masters; some beginners. We’ve built our company around this principle of speed with accuracy, so it’s a natural state for us. As a group, True Influencers are persistent in pursuing mastery. We’ve done the practice, and we’ve done the thinking. That’s the assurance we give people who come work for us or trust us with their brands.

Learning is happiness.

It’s human nature to enjoy new experiences, so in a way, learning creates happiness. As children, most people were constantly exposed to new ideas, and that was exciting. When we’re not learning as many new things, time passes slowly, and we grow bored. We believe people are happiest and more engaged when they’re curious, busy and learning. Ideas and curiosity have always been welcome at True Influence. We cast a wide net to bring in fresh ideas and opinions from employees and customers. Our Customer Advisory community guides us in all that we do, from building the best products to how we interact, and they help further define the True Influence experience. We learn about what’s going on in our customers’ worlds and discover ways we can help. We constantly challenge ourselves: How do we make this better? What do we do differently ? Sometimes it doesn’t work, but there’s value in those lessons, too.

There’s honor in being honest.

We’re in the data business, and despite the sometimes worrisome media stories, data itself is not an evil thing. For B2B marketers, it’s a godsend, because it helps drive revenue, and in business, revenue is always the number one goal. It’s why we do what we do, which is collecting data broadly and using it ethically and carefully. At True Influence, there’s honor in earning revenue through honest delivery of our unique value and quality. We built the company the old-fashioned way: make a fair profit, don’t borrow money and take care of people. It’s our duty to nurture and protect our employees, our customers and your data.

We hire positive, smart and experienced people – in that order.

If you’re positive, a quick learner, and have some experience, True Influence would be your kind of place. Some roles here require all three qualities in an employee, but some jobs can get going with just a little experience, and that’s okay. We look for a positive mental attitude first, or you won’t even get in the door. On the other hand, if positive, smart and maybe experienced describe you, come share our journey. This is our identity story, the experience of being a True Influencer. This identity is what attracts and keeps our customers and employees, and that’s how we roll.

Our identity is built around those attributes and we value respect, trust, integrity, collaboration and inclusion.

Here are some other values we look for in our friends, prospective employees, and our customers:


  • You give professional, constructive feedback
  • You are honest and kind
  • You celebrate excellence in your colleagues


  • You enjoy learning and exposing yourself to new ideas
  • You embrace different viewpoints
  • You thrive on being empowered


  • You constantly challenge yourself and look for “the better way”
  • You bring in fresh ideas and opinions to share
  • You incorporate lessons learned into next phase of your projects


  • You don’t leave quality to chance
  • You are obsessed with improving personally and professionally
  • You are diligent and strive to produce excellent work

Our culture allows people to live wherever they choose, and allows us to find the best people wherever they are.

What is special about us? 

Our culture allows people to live wherever they choose, and allows us to find the best people wherever they are.


from Winter Garden, FL


from UK


from Atlanta

Pop a wheelie!


from Louisville, KY


from Boston

We have always been a technology-enabled company. In fact, we were built for the work-from-home movement and that enables our agility and nimbleness to respond to market conditions. Collaborating and communicating across time zones and cultural backgrounds and using tools like Google Suite and Zoom help us stay nimble.  

True Influence provides access to all levels within the company, our leadership team is approachable and available around the clock. Just a simple ringtone away, we believe in an open door policy for everyone in every department, regardless of seniority.

Yes, we have work family but we know the people who really matter in our lives, it’s our home family. Each year we celebrate Family Day and bring our spouses, children, parents to work so

Traveling is an art form.

At True Influence we are committed to creating a place where you can do your best work and make an impact everyday.

Group photo and smiles!

Where everyone feels valued and heard. We interact and solve problems together with lots of discussion and dialogue.

Pop a wheelie!

We share new ideas and communicate and encourage each other to participate fully.

Creativity at work.

There’s a feeling of belonging. You can be you. Uniqueness matters; it makes us all interesting and is appreciated.

Double selfie.

We will always accept each other and treat each other with respect.