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my lead conversion


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Lead conversion is the point where all your marketing and sales efforts come together to convince your prospect to sign on the dotted line. Successfully guiding your targets on the journey from “lead” to “customer” requires a combination of creativity, a little bit of luck, and a healthy dose of data.

To improve your sales team’s conversion rates, you need reliable data to answer these questions:

  • “How do I find prospects who are more likely to convert?”
  • “How do I create email campaigns to guide prospects to the point of conversion?”
  •  “How do I know when my accounts are ready to buy?”
  •  “How do I frame my sales conversations in a way that’s more likely to result in a close?”


True Influence leverages the power of True Influence Intent Monitoring™ to help you answer these questions and more.

When you tap into our solutions, there are at least 4 ways your team will be able to increase conversion.


Find targets who are more likely to convert, or have those leads delivered to you


Use intent monitoring insights to create email campaigns designed to bring prospects closer to conversion


Be alerted to spikes in activity that indicate an account may be ready to convert


Use True Influence Intent Signals™ to inform your sales conversations


“The average conversion across all partners is 40% but the True Influence conversion is 60%. Their conversion results are 1st or 2nd among all partners.”

Marketing Executive, Gartner


Case Study

Increasing lead conversion rates



Spectrum, formerly Time Warner Cable, has built its empire on the power of content. So, when its marketing and sales teams went looking for a partner to deliver leads, they knew that only a blue-chip provider would do.


Spectrum engaged True Influence to find new and innovative ways to take their lead generation efforts to the next level and optimize their sales team efforts by delivering TeleLEADS.


As a result of using TeleLEADS, Spectrum increased their lead-to-opportunity conversion rate by 30 percent. True Influence became the top-performing provider across all the company’s vendors.