Single User Interface for Consolidated, Intent-Driven
B2B Demand Generation

Intent can improve your sales and marketing performance by discovering in-market accounts. But that’s just the beginning. So if you want to transform your Account-Based Marketing (ABM), pipeline strategies, or optimize your sales and marketing ROI goals, it may be time to dip your toe in the water with some complimentary data – courtesy of InsightBase as part of the True Influence Marketing Cloud.


Try Your Complimentary Intent Data

With intent intelligence, you can map the purchase intent of prospects and organizations based on their online activity. This can help you know how and where to spend your marketing dollars. So, what more do you need to meet your sales and marketing teams’ ROI goals?

You need an integrated solution that offers a clear view of the exact decision-makers tasked with researching your specific solution or service, and how they work together in Buying Groups to make the final purchase decision. And you need tools that seamlessly leverage the full spectrum of Buying Group intent intelligence across an entire ecosystem of demand generation and sales enablement technologies.

You need the power of InsightBase®, part of the True Influence Marketing Cloud. True Influence’s award-winning integrated marketing management solution, InsightBase®, incorporates the content syndication power of PersonaBase® and the steady flow of demand generation from ActiveBase®.

Manage sales and marketing campaigns from a single solution

InsightBase is a powerful solution from the True Influence Marketing Cloud that that allows you to monitor the results of your demand generation and sales efforts across a diverse range of solutions, giving you the most complete picture of what’s working and what’s not, so you can optimize your funnel for maximum ROI.

InsightBase also allows bi-directional data integration with CRM, and leading sales and marketing platforms like Marketo. Our intent monitoring and contact delivery update dynamically to synch with any changes in your coverage map and sales assignments. Sales teams know which of their accounts are in-market based upon individual and Buying Group intent activity with relevant topics.

InsightBase, PersonaBase, and ActiveBase — are all within a single user interface, with increased security compliance and more power to improve your marketing campaigns. By integrating your campaigns in one place, you can easily measure results while decreasing costs. Email alerts notify you when your campaigns are available.

With InsightBase, you can:

  • Discover Contact-Level Intent InsightBase employs cookie-tracking technologies to map intent signals directly to individuals in its expansive B2B contact database.
  • Build a Comprehensive, Intent-Driven Revenue Strategy – Discover intent trends at the company, location, and contact level. Compare this intent intelligence to Buying Group models for a deeper understanding of new opportunities and influencers within an account.
  • Identify Buying Groups – Quickly and automatically identify Buying Group members and track their engagement performance, saving hundreds of hours of work by the marketing and sales teams.
  • Engage Active Demand Accounts, Buying Groups, & Prospects – Intent insights, Spike Alert™, and contacts are configured for your CRM or marketing automation system for immediate qualification and outreach. Trigger intelligent workflows and target engagement at all stages of a customer’s journey.
  • Enable Data-Driven Sales & Marketing Decisions – InsightBase’s powerful intent analysis segmentation and research tools go beyond lookalike modeling to identify your Total Active Market.
  • Leverage Big Data Analytics for Better B2B Prospects – InsightBase’s exclusive multi-variant Relevance Engine™ uses natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to gather and analyze billions of intent signals each day to identify organizations researching your topics. Our proprietary Identity Graph technology identifies contact-level intent from B2B decision-makers across all departments in an account.

Buying Group insights for revenue-driven sales & marketing

Give your sales and marketing teams one of the most powerful B2B content generation solutions available: the new and improved account acceleration platform from the True Influence Marketing Cloud, InsightBase.

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Our proprietary intent signal stream includes topics relevant to B2B industries, targeting decision-makers and Buying Groups to fill all stages of your funnel.

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The True Influence Marketing Cloud includes InsightBase, PersonaBase, and ActiveBase — all within a single user interface. Monitor all your existing accounts and new prospects.

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Integrate seamlessly with your existing digital marketing platforms to empower your technology stack.

Supporting every aspect of your ABM strategies

  • Content creation based on True Influence Intent Signals™
  • Fuel for Account-Based Marketing strategies
  • Easy-to-understand displays
  • Quicker response rates
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Higher conversions rates

How InsightBase Works

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Accesses and measures millions of B2B intent points across the global web each day.

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Organizes intent by 7,000+ topics that are critical to B2B purchase decisions.

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InsightBase’s exclusive Relevance Engine™ analyzes data using AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to find intent trends.

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Identifies individuals, buying groups and demand units who are actively researching your solutions.

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Reach the Right Targets at the Right Time

Use InsightBase’s powerful intent monitoring and demand analysis to design, prioritize and execute high-performing campaigns that target prospects when they are ready to talk.

Positive Demand


Invite prospects to a webinar or other high-value experience that moves them along their purchase journey toward a Sales outreach.

Neutral Demand


Maintain contact, but give the prospect a little room to catch its breath. Educational content and other mid-funnel engagement devices are the best option.

Negative Demand


Lower the priority on this account and focus your efforts on prospects who are ready to talk.

The Power of Intent at Your Fingertips

InsightBase’s powerful intent SaaS tool helps your team design and execute data-driven marketing campaigns in just minutes. InsightBase, now includes the content syndication power of PersonaBase® and the steady flow of demand generation from ActiveBase®. The intent signal intelligence provided by InsightBase can elevate every aspect of your ROI and strategy.

Intuitive Campaign Creation

InsightBase’s reporting tools let you track intent signal trends for the account, individual contact, and Buying Groups — all within the same intuitive dashboard.

Get the clearest possible picture of your Total Active Market. Reports quickly update as you apply new topical and persona filters.

Campaign Progress and Projections

Monitor the activity level of your ongoing intent marketing campaigns. True Influence Relevance Engine advanced analytics project the number of high-quality TripleCheck® contact records that InsightBase will deliver based on the criteria and timeframe you define.

Detailed Buying Group Intent Analysis

The dashboard summary groups your contacts by demand unit, illuminating firmographic data (company name, title, role, industry, and revenue), number of employees, and Spike Alerts™. All contact information is easy to see, including email, telephone number, and location.

This new version of the award-winning solution provides users with automatic account creation, eliminating the need to manually upload or download account information, saving valuable time.

Turn-Key Integration with Leading Digital Marketing Platforms

InsightBase integrates with Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua and Hubspot with a single handshake – your team can be up and running in about an hour. Open APIs and data export allow for custom integrations with any marketing automation, CRM or business intelligence platform.

Stringent Data Quality Assurance

All intent data gathered by our network of providers is scrubbed for false positives, bot activity and other noise. We ensure that InsightBase’s market intelligence analysis is based on intent signals of uncompromising accuracy.

Our TripleCheck® Guarantee

Our contact records are real, employed, and reachable. There are three components that make up our TripleCheck Verification process.

First, we use proprietary algorithms to screen out inaccurate records, so only real, active B2B contact records get delivered to you. Second, our team verifies by phone the business contact information as required, including phone numbers, for complete and up-to-date accuracy. Third, we verify through social media to confirm company affiliation.

OUR GUARANTEE: Contact records are 100% guaranteed. Any out-of-target contacts are replaced, no questions asked.


Relevance is the Key

InsightBase’s Relevance Engine uses advanced multivariable analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and regression analysis to analyze search behaviors and page content to identify relevant signals. Natural Language Processing provides for Google-like topic searching.

Let us show you how InsightBase lets you harness the power of contact-level intent
to connect with in-market Buying Groups at all stages of a customer’s journey.

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