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The Right Time.
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InsightBase Version 3.0

The key to B2B Marketing and Sales is reaching the right individuals, with the right message, at the exact moment when their interest is at its peak.

But how do you find and connect with every qualified prospect who is actively in-market for your product or service?

For every interaction they have with your online content or emails, B2B decision-makers visit dozens, if not hundreds, of websites and social media networks to research their next big purchase. And no matter how aggressively you research and prospect your named accounts, shifts in purchasing readiness happen quickly. There are hundreds of active, highly-qualified buyers out there who are simply not on your radar.

You need to know exactly who is researching a purchase. You need to identify the other key contacts within active accounts who will influence the final purchase decision. And you need comprehensive intelligence on the Total Active Market for your business.

You need the power of the InsightBase advanced Intent Signal Monitoring technology and an extensive B2B contact database.


Intent Fuels Every Phase of Marketing and Sales

InsightBase’s exclusive Relevance Engine™ gathers and analyzes millions of signals each day. Our proprietary intent data comes from a wide range of sources and identifies purchase intent for all types of B2B decision-makers – from tactical managers to the C-Suite – who will impact the final purchase decision.

InsightBase looks for spikes in purchase research activity and maps them to its database of more than 500 million B2B contacts, at more than 300 million companies. We identify individuals who are exhibiting intent and accounts actively researching your product or solution, then tie it all together with verified contact info and firmographic data.

With this powerful intelligence, you can:

  • Size Your Total Active Market – Discover the true scope of your in-market contacts and accounts with InsightBase’s powerful intent monitoring, segmentation and research tools.
  • Prospect Your Total Active Market – Leverage InsightBase’s extensive account and contact database, including industry-standard firmographic information from Dun & Bradstreet, to identify – and reach – key decision-makers and influencers who match your ideal customer profile
  • Sell to Your Total Active Market – Intent insights and spiking contacts post automatically to your CRM or marketing automation system for immediate qualification and outreach. Cut the lengthy B2B sales cycle and grow revenue by discovering and connecting to the hottest, best-fit prospects – at exactly the right time.

InsightBase 3.0

Self-service account acceleration based on intent

Give your sales and marketing teams one of the most powerful b2b lead generation solutions available with the new and improved account acceleration platform, InsightBase Version 3.0.

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Source new marketing-qualified accounts by monitoring intent to purchase your products or services.

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Monitor your existing accounts for spikes in activity that indicate a decision could be forthcoming.

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Integrate seamlessly with your existing digital marketing platforms to unify your technology stack.

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Supporting every aspect of your ABM strategies


  • Content creation based on True Influence Intent Signals™
  • Fuel for Account-Based Marketing strategies
  • Higher email response rates
  • Expanded account base
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Higher conversions rates
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“Intent data helps put the right products in front of the right people at the right time.”

Naomi Marr

Director, Marketing Operations

How InsightBase Version 3.0 Works

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Measures intent activity from millions of domains every day

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Organizes intent data by 6,000+ topics that are critical to B2B purchase decisions.

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Relevance Engine employs advanced statistical modeling to identify spikes in purchase intent topics.

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Matches topical True Influence Intent Signals™ to company domains, installed technology and full contact records.

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Reach the Right Targets at the Right Time

Use InsightBase Version 3.0’s powerful intent monitoring and demand analysis to design, prioritize and execute high-performing campaigns that target prospects when they are ready to talk.

Positive Demand

Pos Blue

Invite prospects to a webinar or other high-value experience that moves them along their purchase journey toward a Sales outreach.

Neutral Demand

Neutral Black

Maintain contact, but give the prospect a little room to catch its breath. Educational content and other mid-funnel engagement devices are the best option.

Negative Demand

Neg red

Lower the priority on this account and focus your efforts on prospects who are ready to talk.

The Power of Intent at Your Fingertips

InsightBase Version 3.0’s powerful tools let your team design and execute campaigns in just minutes. And our built-in integrations with industry-leading marketing platforms can extend the power of intent across all your marketing and sales programs.

Intuitive Campaign Creation

Build intelligence-gathering campaigns based on intent topics and profile information of the decision-makers you want to reach. Upload your named account list or build a custom audience profile based on our massive contact and firmographic database.

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Campaign Progress and Projections

Monitor the activity level on your ongoing campaigns. Relevance Engine’s advanced analytics even project the number of high-quality TripleCheck® leads InsightBase will deliver based on the criteria and timeframe you define.

Detailed Account-Level Intent Analysis

Drilldown on Intent activity at key named accounts and targets in your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy. Personalize your content and messaging to improve conversion rates, keep your sales pipeline moving and close more deals.

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Turn-Key Integration with Leading Digital Marketing Platforms

InsightBase Version 3.0 integrates with Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua and Hubspot with a single handshake – your team can be up and running in about an hour. Open APIs and data export allow for custom integrations with any marketing automation, CRM or business intelligence platform.

Stringent Data Quality Assurance

All intent data gathered by our network of providers is scrubbed for false positives, bot activity and other noise. We ensure that InsightBase Version 3.0’s market intelligence analysis is based on intent data of uncompromising accuracy.

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“When you get in front of InsightBase you’re getting in front of people before they raise their hand. It means you’re more likely to get a qualified sale and you’re more likely to get somebody who is interested in buying a full suite of products.”

Sarah Reynolds, Senior Manager, Demand Generation,

Relevance is the Key

InsightBase Version 3.0’s proprietary Relevance Engine turns millions of raw intent data into actionable Intent Signal Monitoring intelligence that you can use to optimize every aspect of your marketing and sales strategy.

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