Intent Intelligence that’s essential to any B2B demand generation solution


Proprietary Intent Data Feed

Intent data is an essential tool for creating a 360-degree view of the customer journey. No matter where your solution or service fits in the revenue operations chain – from data-driven demand generation to customer success management – adding intent data’s powerful market intelligence and customer insights that make you stand out from the competition.

To unlock the full potential of intent, you need more than just a high volume of signals that reflect on page views and form interactions: you need a quality analysis that identifies meaningful intent signals which represent real opportunities for engagement. You need analysis and context on how diverse sources of intent signals correlate to identify real opportunities to engage and connect with target audiences.

You need the power of advanced analytics that cut through the noise to discover the real purchase intent expressed by online activities. You need sophisticated Identity Graph Technology™ that accurately maps intent to companies and identifiable individuals. You need this intent intelligence paired with verified B2B contacts that are ready to buy. And you need this data delivered in a format that’s tailored specifically to your solution or service.

You need IntentBase®.

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Here’s how IntentBase stands out:

IntentBase’s market insights and contacts takes your data-driven sales and marketing to the next level.

Our proprietary intent data is more expansive than what’s available from data co-ops or single-source providers, providing a comprehensive base for our advanced intent analysis. We monitor intent behavior by both executive and managerial customer personas, to provide a complete picture of organizational buying dynamics.


Our exclusive Identity Graph technology goes beyond simple reverse IP lookup to identify small and midsize companies that don’t have dedicated IP addresses.


AI, machine learning, and natural language analysis of content identifies precise topical interest and maps intent activity to our taxonomy of more than 6,000 B2B topics. And we can easily add new topics based on your goals.


Intent intelligence and our B2B database combine to provide verified contact and account information

The IntentBase® Process

IntentBase is fueled by True Influence’s proprietary intent data stream and advanced Relevance Engine™ analytics.

IntentBase is designed for easy integration with any data-driven sales and marketing solution. We work with your team to deliver the correct data on time so that you see results from your investment. IntentBase can be delivered in XML, JSON, or delimited formats.

Intent Data Feed Options: We deliver U.S. contacts based on your needs. Inferred intent data will give you derived contact records with exact location. Contact intent data targets the exact contact at the account showing behavioral action focused on in-market activity relevant to specific topics. You have the option of a single data stream, or a combination of both inferred and contact intent data delivered to you.


Inferred intent data includes: Company name, domain, exact location, derived contact name, title, email, phone, revenue, company size, and NAICS Industry code.

Contact intent data (which is more focused) includes: Company name, domain, exact location, contact name of those in-market, contact title, contact email, phone, revenue, company size, NAICS Industry code, topic, and score.

Ongoing Engagement: IntentBase contracts run for a 3-month paid Point Of Concept (POC) with a 12-month contract.

Delivery: Data updates are delivered weekly. We also send monthly summary reports of feed activity.

GDRP and Privacy Regulation Compliance: All intent and contact information delivered by IntentBase is in full compliance with GDPR and other prevailing regulations. You can read more about True Influence’s privacy standards at our web site.

Download the IntentBase Datasheet

Intent That’s Tailored to Your Solution

Whether are a marketing or sales department, agency or software provider, IntentBase® data can be tailored to your needs. Our data dictionary contains contact values relevant to both B2B and B2B2C revenue generation, any of which can be included in your IntentBase® service.

We deliver IntentBase data in formats that readily integrate with your systems. Regular reporting and guaranteed compliance with privacy regulations, including GDPR, ensure that you and your customers are getting real value from your investment.

It’s the perfect answer for adding the power of intent to your solution or service.

See what IntentBase® can do for you:
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