Jane Austen – Marketing Guru. Who Knew?

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Jane Austen – Marketing Guru. Who Knew?

This month’s True Influence whitepaper poses an interesting analogy: Jane Austen as marketing savant. And it makes sense. Today, digital marketers need to build long-term relationships with their prospects; Don’t expect to email your product brochure at the last minute and have a chance at the business. Never mistaken for one of the paperback passion-plays on the shelf down at Piggly Wiggly, Ms. Austen’s novels portray such relationships – rarely do her characters fall in love in less than 300 pages, and only after gaining a deep understanding of each other’s characters, interests, and current situations.

It’s another way of saying that today’s buyers want relevant content. Not content relevant to your products and services, or to their industries – they can download beefcake brochures of virile vendors flexing their specs anytime. With a world wide web of content available to choose from, buyers only respond to content that is relevant to their immediate interests, not yours. Provide relevant content consistently and, over time, a strong relationship grows.

The article is based on new data from The Content Marketing Institute’s annual survey of marketing professionals. The survey results reconfirm that relevant content is highly valued by your prospects, but as well, that our industry still struggles to produce it.

That’s where True Influence comes in. The whitepaper serves to introduce of our latest technology – InsightBASE Dashboard, a critical component of our turnkey solution for content marketers looking to increase the quantity and quality of leads generated. Within one integrated solution, marketers now have detailed access to the profiles of millions of decision makers – verified profiles, with accurate prospect data – and the tools to execute an intelligent marketing campaign that delivers personalized content to each prospect.

Finally, the article identifies a basic issue preventing many content marketers from attaining their greatest potential for success, a simple problem without a simple solution – until True Influence.

To learn more, check out our monthly whitepaper – Marketers: What’s Worse than Irrelevant? We like to think of it as Sense and Sensibility for lead generation.

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