Meet Our Leadership Team

Brian Giese, Chief Executive Officer

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Brian Giese

Chief Executive Officer

Get to know Brian

As a groundbreaker and innovator

Brian is a true visionary w...

RK Maniyani, Chief Technology Officer

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RK Maniyani

Chief Technology Officer

Get to know RK

As a thinker, visionary and innovator

As co-founder of a catego...

Michael VanPatten, Chief Financial Officer

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Michael VanPatten

Chief Financial Officer

Get to know Michael

As a thinker, visionary and innovator

Michael is that rare...

Craig Weiss, Chief Operating Officer

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Craig Weiss

Chief Operating Officer

Get to know Craig

As a strategist

We turn again and again to Craig for strateg...

Peter Larkin, Chief Revenue Officer

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Peter Larkin

Chief Revenue Officer

Get to know Peter

As a thinker, visionary and innovator

Peter is a visionary w...

Kay Kienast, Chief Marketing Officer

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Kay Kienast

Chief Marketing Officer

Get to know Kay

As an achiever

Kay lives and breathes digital marketing, and h...

Ray Estevez, Chief Information Officer

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Ray Estevez

Chief Information Officer

Get to know Ray

As a thinker

Ray’s knack for recognizing trends before they...

Roger Morrison, General Counsel

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Roger Morrison

General Counsel

Get to know Roger

As a thinker, visionary and innovator

Roger has all the char...

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