Managing the Webinar Life Cycle – From Start to Finish

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Managing the Webinar Life Cycle – From Start to Finish

Webinar Date: January 18, 2012 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

The Webinar is an invaluable tool in today’s buyers market. It is a tremendously effective vehicle for companies to attract, engage, and educate prospects to become your customers. The catch? You’ve got to really do a Webinar right in order for it to be effective from knowing how to target and attract the right audience, then keep them engaged so they’ll be inspired to want to have a conversation with you after the webinar.

Join Webinar expert Mike Agron of WebAttract to learn how to tightly manage and control the many aspects of running a great Webinar and hear real life examples of best practices and metrics used to deliver predictable outcomes for global and emerging brands.


  • A proven methodology for planning and delivering engaging Webinars
  • Pointers for audience recruitment, content development, coaching of speakers and post-event follow-up and conversion
  • The key metrics and analytics to track and measure across the Webinar life cycle

Who should attend
Marketing and sales professionals responsible for demand generation who are new to webinars, or who want to reach beyond their existing customer base to recruit an audience of fresh new sales leads, or those looking for ideas based on real life examples that provide a new take on “how to” produce and deliver webinars that will allow you to harvest more qualified sales leads, raise brand awareness or promote your thought leadership.

About the speaker

mike-argonMike Agron, is Co-Founder and the Executive Webinar Producer for WebAttract. As a former high tech sales and biz dev veteran with such companies as Apple, Oracle and MapInfo, his focus is in producing what he calls “high performing – high impact webinars” with predictable outcomes, and has done this for global brands such as Google, IBM, Oracle, Underwriters Laboratories, and many emerging B2B and SMB firms.

When not producing webinars, he’s an avid road cyclist, and last fall completed a fund raising 525 mile ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles for the Arthritis Foundation.

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