Maria Recovery: Helping Kids and Teens – True Influence Partners with Monday Monday Network

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Maria Recovery: Helping Kids and Teens – True Influence Partners with Monday Monday Network

September 20th, 2017 is a day we will always remember; a day the lives of millions of Americans changed forever, as Hurricane Maria spiraled a path of destruction through Puerto Rico. The category 4 storm’s 150-mph+ winds left piles of debris where homes and schools once stood, while the rains left behind the worst flooding in decades.

Today, more than half the island remains without electricity, while a large number of residents are still lacking basic necessities, including clean water and access to healthcare.

The tragic reports from Puerto Rico continue and today, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Monday Monday Network to help those in need, in conjunction with the nonprofit Young Life, to continue the work we have already started to heal the island and its people.

“As Americans, it is time for us to come together to help our fellow citizens in their time of need,“ said Dan Gay, President, Monday Monday Network. “As we report on the struggle to rebuild and bring Puerto Rico back to where it once was, we stand with our brothers and sisters that have been impacted by this horrendous storm. Monday Monday is committed to support the partnership with True Influence and Young Life to help others learn how and where they can make a difference, at a time it is truly needed.”

Through our Maria Recovery: Helping Kids and Teens campaign, everyone has the chance to help provide mentoring, camps, leadership programs, and much more to support the children and teens of Puerto Rico. True Influence is pleased to announce it is matching 100 percent of all donations, up to $100,000.

Our program welcomes donations of any amount. Your generosity will help in the following ways:
● Provide a case of water: $24
● Provide a health kit to young families (includes items like water, diapers, baby wipes, formula, soap, batteries, toilet paper): $50
● Provide portable fans and batteries to help mothers of babies endure the heat without electricity: $75
● Provide gas to volunteers: $100
● Provide meals for a support meeting: $200
● Provide 10 health kits to young families: $500
● Provide 20 health kits to young families: $1,000
● Sponsor a complete support meeting (meals, health kits, donations to hand out, location, gas for volunteers): $2,500

The holidays are upon us and it is time to look out for those less fortunate than us. As a team, True Influence, Monday Monday Network, and Young Life invite you to join this once in a lifetime opportunity to provide hope for Puerto Rico’s children, and to give them the resources they need to grow into happy, healthy adults. To learn more and donate today, visit our fundraiser page on Razoo.

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