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Achieve integrated marketing with
True Influence Marketing Cloud

True Influence Marketing Cloud™ for Integrated Marketing

Ready to boost your revenue?

Wherever your customers and prospects are in their buyer journeys, True Influence Marketing Cloud gives you a real-time, accurate and comprehensive view of your B2B demand generation and ROI.

Imagine monitoring the results of your demand generation and sales efforts with an integrated marketing platform that gives you a complete picture of what’s working and what’s not.

With the True Influence Marketing Cloud, you can manage critical intent data in a single location, integrate it into campaigns, and make changes in real time for immediate results.

Optimize your funnel for maximum ROI with the True Influence Marketing Cloud today.

The True Influence Marketing Cloud

Watch a 1-minute overview to learn how True Influence Marketing Cloud helps you create integrated marketing campaigns that will improve your ROI and brand performance.

Stop guessing who’s going to buy and when.

Raw data feeds give intent data signals that customers are interested and ready to buy.

Get deeper insights into B2B buyers.

Exclusive multi-variant Relevance Engine® uses natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to gather and analyze billions of intent signals.

See the total buying group picture.

True Influence Identity Graph Triangulation™ matches and links intent data signals to give you a cohesive, omnichannel view of individual customer and buying groups.

Ensure accuracy of contact records.

Only active B2B contact records are delivered. Each record is built with unprecedented speed and accuracy and is validated by TripleCheck® .

Seamlessly integrate intent data with CRM and MAP.

Easily integrate into your CRM and marketing automation platforms. You can manage the entire suite of intent-based solutions on your own or with the help of True Influence.

Intent is the foundation for all True Influence solutions found in the True Influence Marketing Cloud:

IntentBase® for campaign insights and analytics

DisplayBase® for programmatic advertising

ActiveBase® for all stages of B2B demand generation

PersonaBase® for content syndication

InsightBase® to feed marketing and sales with intent data, once it’s been validated by True Influence

“The ability to deliver data-driven customer experiences is a huge challenge for sales and marketing organizations. Providing an integrated marketing platform that enables a consistent cross-channel experience can drastically effect the results of a company’s campaign efforts, saving time and increasing revenue.”

John Donlon, vice president, product management at Forrester.

Red Checks


We guarantee our contact records are real, employed, and reachable.

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Demand Generation

If you receive an out-of-target contact record, we replace it, no questions asked.

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Business 2 Business
Contact Records

Customers receive only verified business demand generation, on time and on target.

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