Nine Benchmarks:

Your Guide to Barrier-free, Intent-driven Demand Gen

If your demand gen isn’t working for you, here’s something that might: buyer intent data.

Intent data improves sales and marketing performance for stalled demand gen programs by finding in-market accounts, but that’s just the beginning.

How has demand generation evolved in its use of intent signals? What do the best practices in intent intelligence look like? New announcements in intent technology have raised the bar for what brands and marketers can expect. This “Guide to Barrier-Free, Intent-Driven Demand Gen” explains key benchmarks to follow to remove roadblocks and help stalled demand gen campaigns take off. Use these nine recommendations to establish an intent-based demand gen ecosystem without barriers.

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Eliminate email delivery of intent data records

Tired of swapping lists by email? Is intent data presented in a format that easily integrates with your existing marketing infrastructure? Many companies still send data records as email files, making it needlessly labor-intensive to import, export, import records, create lists and apply to campaigns. It takes a lot of manual processing on both sides to take delivery of records, but it doesn’t have to anymore. Bi-directional integration moves records quickly with minimal manual effort or interruptions. Just log in and take delivery through your InsightBase® 4.1 subscription.


Use secure, compliant demand gen practices to handle PII data

Now the benchmark for moving intent records is bi-directional delivery and secure updates. InsightBase 4.1 provides streamlined, automated delivery. No more sending emails with files attached. No more FTP uploads. No more emailing PII in non-compliant spreadsheets. The InsightBase 4.1 dashboard is a secure, Privacy Shield-compliant way to send and receive intent records. There’s no auto-send, which is part of Privacy Shield compliance. With an integrated InsightBase 4.1 subscription, for example, lists aren’t automatically delivered. Instead, as an additional security component, you go into InsightBase – if you’ve integrated your platforms – and simply action your campaign. You do, however, receive email alerts when intent intelligence is ready.

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Have data integrations feed straight into your sales and marketing platforms

One new intent demand gen best practice is integrating CRM systems with intent intelligence and processes. This brings the power of intent to your marketing and sales teams in the tools they use every day. At the forefront of this, InsightBase integrates intent data in a format that easily moves into your existing CRM infrastructure. Instead of manual updates, this connection dynamically maintains accounts, coverage maps, and sales contact information. Equally important, data coverage stays updated because of the active integration. InsightBase 4.1 supports leading sales and marketing automation platforms with CRM bi-directional integration, so data can be shared without adding manual steps and demand gen barriers.

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Marketers manage integrated marketing campaigns from one user interface

To move quickly, you need real-time, intelligent automation that can operationalize intent and Buying Group intelligence across demand generation MAP and CRM ecosystems. You remove barriers when users can manage intent intelligence and launch automation from one UI that:

  • Organizes your ideal personas into Buying Groups
  • Auto-identifies active Buying Groups paired with verified contacts
  • Identifies gaps in verified Buying Group contacts
  • Alerts you when new influencers surface within an account
  • Automatically posts to CRM for immediate qualification and outreach
  • Shows the results of the campaigns in a single dashboard, allowing for optimization

The real value comes when you map purchase intent to specific decision makers, and then micro-target sales and marketing at pivotal points in their purchase journeys. That’s not as hard as it sounds when you manage integrated demand gen campaigns from one central user interface. Easy, intuitive dashboards and visualizations are accessible within one user interface. By integrating your campaigns into one UI, improvements can be identified quickly and easily, and result in better outcomes and decreased costs.


Dynamically update coverage maps to avoid response gaps

Once integrated with your CRM, InsightBase 4.1 dynamically updates changes in your coverage maps, including the sales representatives assigned to accounts. Sales teams will know which of their accounts are “hot prospects” based upon intent for relevant topics.

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Intent-based demand gen campaigns can get you to market faster

Buyers move quickly when they’re ready, so you have to act just as fast. Identify and remove roadblocks that keep data out of your CRM and marketing automation systems, so you don’t delay reaching out to time-sensitive contacts. Intent intelligence adds value all across your funnel, so you want to connect this data to your demand gen and sales processes. Bi-directional integration puts time-sensitive data straight into your CRM. With benchmark bi-directional data delivery, you can accelerate campaign onboarding and execution, including PersonaBaseTM and ActiveBase® campaigns. Inside the InsightBase subscription, you can see the status of your campaigns to move campaigns forward.


With real-time contact delivery, you can react faster to in-market buyers

Sometimes a hot opportunity cools off when B2B marketers can’t upload and work with files right away. If you can’t start nurture until later, your prospects might make a buying decision without you. If you’ve experienced campaign or outreach delays from manual or email-based processes, InsightBase 4.1 eliminates those problems. Instead, you can load contacts directly into your sales CRM. Going from interest to action could take just a matter of hours instead of weeks.

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Aim for fast, relevant, intent-led engagement to drive shorter B2B sales cycles

When you engage Active Demand Accounts and prospects at the best times in their journeys, you shrink lengthy B2B sales cycles and grow revenue by alerting Sales faster to the hottest, best-fit prospects. Intent intelligence delivers this information and maps purchase intent to specific decision makers. It identifies Demand Units / Buying Groups, letting you know when buyers might be most receptive. Sales teams also go into engagements already armed with good information about the Buying Group’s interests and roles.

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Use automated reporting and analysis to improve data-driven sales and marketing decisions

Intent data reaches its highest value when you can analyze, interpret, and operationalize it to its fullest extent. Fortunately, reporting and visualizations to monitor and optimize demand gen programs have made huge strides. With the right tools, you can view demand gen results and intent analysis side-by-side to improve campaigns and maximize ROI. InsightBase 4.1 provides reporting and data analysis for integrated PersonaBase, ActiveBase, and intent campaigns to track intent signal trends by account, individual contact, and Buying Groups — all within the same intuitive visual dashboard and reporting displays. You get the clearest possible picture of your Total Active Market, and reports quickly update as you apply new topical and persona filters.

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