Oracle Eloqua Integration: True Influence Perspective

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Oracle Eloqua Integration: True Influence Perspective

As a significant subset of the B2B marketing universe descends on Las Vegas for the Oracle Eloqua Modern Marketing Experience event, we are pleased to be there on-site to announce the launch of InsightBASE™ as a native application within Eloqua.

The automatic triggering that this integration enables is the third and final element needed to deliver a powerful new capability to Eloqua users. The elements are:

1)  The largest B2B Intent Signal™ dataset in existence
2)  Our proprietary 30 million record B2B contact database
3)  InsightBASE as a native application within Eloqua

This combination of elements allows Eloqua users the following:

Whenever a targeted company begins the online research that precedes a purchase, InsightBASE will recognize this fact and deliver full contact information for the relevant prospect individuals within that organization, automatically triggering an Eloqua email campaign conveying exactly what the marketing team has chosen for prospects in that situation to receive .

Because the entire front-to-back process is fully automated, Eloqua users can set it and forget it, knowing that their target prospects are receiving exactly the mid-funnel differentiating content that most directly influences their decision at very beginning of their purchase journey – potentially long before they identify themselves to any vendor as being in the market.

If you are an Eloqua user at MME, we invite you to visit Exhibit MME-13 to see InsightBASE for yourself.

The InsightBASE listing within the Oracle Cloud Marketplace is here.

The R&D team at True Influence™ worked very hard to deliver this major sales and marketing advantage to our current and future customers and we look forward to an exciting week at MME 2016!

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