Predictive Marketing Eases Journey Down the ‘Waterfall’

predictive marketing eases

Predictive Marketing Eases Journey Down the ‘Waterfall’

Sales and Marketing Teams want lead scoring that is based on analytics, not just a gut feeling. Increasingly, they are looking to the emerging field of Predictive Scoring at every level of the sales and marketing waterfall.

A survey conducted last year by Decision Tree Labs ranked Predictive Lead Scoring near the top of a marketing “wish-list.” The report indicated that 60 percent of respondents said they want to adopt “big data” technology that analyzes massive volumes of customer data-from internal and public sources-to better evaluate customer buying habits.

That 60 percent figure is even more remarkable when you consider that only 44 percent of survey respondents have adopted any form of lead scoring. The respondents’ two most common concerns of implementing a lead-scoring model were the lengthy time involved and inefficient resources. That being said, traditional lead scoring has proven, time and time again, as a low-return activity compared to the input required to implement such a process.

To counter the worn-out, ineffective lead scoring techniques, marketing analysts began promoting Predictive Lead Scoring. The methods is widely considered in the B2B industry as the answer to uneven or inaccurate lead scoring frameworks. Predictive Lead Scoring produces higher closing rates to companies who employ a variety of staff and processes than traditional lead scoring methods.

Scoring to Fit the Sales and Marketing Waterfall

Although scoring and qualification work at virtually every stage of the sales/marketing waterfall, one questions remains: How does it fit with Tele-Prospecting Generated Leads? Enter TechInstallBASE™, True Influence™’s highly targeted prospecting product.

TechInstallBASE will improve your tele-campaign targeting through our model that consists of predictive scoring, guaranteed verification process, and matched against relevant technologies. Your campaigns will also be delivered monthly in the volumes that best suit your inside sales teams, as well as your field sales community – see more .

Leads that are ‘Fit’ for Duty

Our behavioral analysis means that, at the Tele-Prospecting Generated Lead stage, your inside sales teams are being armed with the most relevant leads before they lift a phone — optimizing their time, improving conversions, and feeding the rest of the waterfall.

Making Predictive Marketing Work for You

We all recognize the Holy Grail that is sales and marketing collaboration can be found somewhere between that daring leap from the risky and highly competitive marketing territory to an equally cut-throat sales-ready platform. However, predictive analytics through TechInstallBASE is your guiding light to direct your endeavors within the demand generation waterfall.

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