I need to prioritize
my accounts

You have a great list of accounts, but how do you know which ones to focus on — which ones are most likely to convert?

To effectively prioritize accounts, you need reliable answers to these questions:

  • “Of all the accounts in our database, how do I know which ones are seriously interested?”
  • “How do I engage those accounts in a way that guides them to the next level in the buyer’s journey?”
  • “How do I know when an account is approaching a buying decision?”

True Influence leverages intent signal marketing to provide answers to all these questions and more.

account dashboard
Campaign dashboard

There are at least 3 ways to incorporate InsightBASE® into your account prioritization strategy.


Prioritize accounts that are actively searching for your products or services


Identify accounts that are ready to buy based on spikes in certain behaviors


Integrate InsightBASE with your CRM system, enabling your sales team to create prioritized lists quickly and easily


“Research shows the odds of winning the sale are 74% when you reach decision makers at the right time and help set their buying vision.”

salary.com case study

Case Study

A faster way to identify and prioritize accounts



Salary.com needed an all-in-one solution to replace its lengthy, manual process of identifying new sales opportunities while prioritizing its sales activities and prospects.


Using InsightBASE – and working closely with the True Influence success team –  Salary.com choose specific filters and topics to monitor and identify new companies with increased intent levels related to their topics. They identified this activity as True Influence Intent Signals™ that prospects were entering the buying cycle.


  • InsightBASE-sourced accounts generated a 46 percent higher average opportunity value
  • InsightBASE-sourced accounts generated a $10,000 improvement in sales-accepted leads.
  • Significant time savings: a manual five-day account research process was reduced to one hour