The power of account acceleration working for you

InsightBASE v 2.0

Self-service account acceleration based on intent

Give your sales and marketing teams one of the most powerful b2b lead generation solutions available with the new and improved account acceleration platform, InsightBASE® version 2.0.

Source new marketing-qualified accounts by monitoring intent to purchase your products or services.


Monitor your existing accounts for spikes in activity that indicate a decision could be forthcoming.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing digital marketing platforms to unify your technology stack.

InsightBASE dashboard

Supporting every aspect of your ABM strategies


  • Content creation based on True Influence Intent Signals™
  • Fuel for Account-Based Marketing strategies
  • Higher email response rates
  • Expanded account base
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Higher conversions rates


Fill your funnel with prospects

Discover company locations that show an active interest in your products. We verify phone numbers and email addresses for contacts at those locations, then they’re automatically dripped into your Marketing Automation or CRM system for immediate action.


Content syndication driven by intent

Leverage the power of intent data to deliver top-quality B2B content syndication leads to your marketing and sales teams.


We mine our InsightBASE account acceleration platform for leads whose online activity indicates an active interest in your products, then qualify those leads using tailored email campaigns. You get leads who are actively researching your products or services, allowing you to capitalize on their interest and guide them into your sales funnel.


Value-packaged and sales-ready

Accelerate your funnel and increase conversion with highly qualified TeleLEADS. Using InsightBASE, we’ve done the work for you, identifying customers who are ready and willing to pick up the phone. While we have them on the line, we ask a series of qualifying questions to gauge their level of interest before handing them over to you. Your sales and marketing teams will move forward with total confidence.

You get four highly qualified lead levels:

marketing lead

Marketing Lead: Responded to our telephone offer to download a white paper.

intelligence leads

Marketing Intelligence Lead: Answered a profiling question such as, “Who is your current service provider?”

marketing qualified leads

Marketing Qualified Lead: Answered a profiling question and a pain-point question.

sales leads

Sales Lead: Specified an intent to review or replace their current solution in the next 12 months. 100% quality-checked.

The highest quality leads. Guaranteed.

At True Influence, data quality isn’t just an idea — it’s an obsession. At each step of the process, from lead identification through qualification to conversion, we ensure that only top-quality leads make their way to your sales and marketing teams. If you receive an out-of-target lead, we replace it – no questions asked.


Premium Data Partners

We partner with industry-leading data companies to deliver the highest-quality leads possible.

Learn more about our partners.


Business Leads Only

Professional Services customers get only verified business leads and emails, delivered on-time and on-target.

circle check

TripleCheck® Verification

Our email, social media and phone verification process guarantees our leads are real, employed and reachable.

Discover which option is right for your sales and marketing teams