True Influence Relevance Engine®

Intent can improve your sales and marketing performance by discovering in-market accounts. But that’s just the beginning. So, if you want to transform your Account-Based Marketing (ABM), pipeline strategies, or optimize your sales and marketing ROI goals, read further.

With intent intelligence, you can map the purchase intent of prospects and organizations based on their online activity. This can help you know how and where to spend your marketing dollars. So, what more do you need to meet your sales and marketing teams’ ROI goals?

You need the power of the True Influence Relevance Engine®

True Influence Relevance Engine® uses advanced analytics, including artificial Intelligence and regression analysis, to analyse web search behaviours and page content identifying intent data. The intent data is then compared to behavioural levels forming a baseline. The baseline is compared to current activity for every individual. The advanced analytics use variables for 6,500+ topics (hardware, software and service solutions) that are essential to B2B markets. To obtain Intent SignalsTM, intent data is assigned to relevant topics and then mapped with its corresponding

  • Company Domain
  • Location (headquarters, branch)
  • Key Firmographics (industry, employee size, revenue)
  • Full Contact Record for the respondent(s)
  • Installed Technology for that location

How Does it Work?

Our Natural Language Processing algorithm allows for google-like search capabilities making it easy for you to find appropriate topics for your business.

This unique approach to market intelligence offers far deeper insights into audience behavior than the simple averaging used by some other intent monitoring solutions. The ability to attribute intent signal activity directly to a key individual in the buying organization is a game-changer for shortening the sales cycle and winning new revenue.

  • Spiking Contacts: These individuals match your ideal customer profile and are exhibiting high levels of purchase intent. Prioritize them for sales qualification and outreach.
  • Demand Units within Buying Organizations: Extensive contact and firmographic data to augment your database and identify Inferred Contacts, individuals in active accounts who are peers to Spiking Contacts and will influence the buying decision. Target them with engagement and nurturing programs.
  • Intent Signal Content Sources: Not all web content is created equal, the True Influence Relevance Engine® weighs the credibility and source of intent signal activity in its analysis, including contacts and intent signals from True Influence Content Syndication.
  • Market-wide Topical Interest: Research interest in your solution in any industry and across millions of companies, locations and personas. Get the clearest possible picture of your Total Active Market.
  • Segmentation Performance: Track overall intent trends for unlimited target segments based on the segmentation criteria you’ve defined for contact information, firmographic data and topical interest. It even projects the number of net new TripleCheck® contacts it will deliver based on your ideal customer profile, intent topics and other criteria.

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