B2B Relevance Engine
Statistical Modeling

True Influence’s InsightBASE® Version 2.0 account acceleration platform employs a proprietary statistical modeling and ranking methodology in its True Influence Relevance Engine™ intent monitoring analysis.

This methodology, developed by our team with 10 years’ experience as leaders in B2B demand generation, identifies actionable trends in purchase intent at millions of companies and locations. It’s also essential to our BehaviorLEADS® service in identifying and delivering high-quality leads who are ready for marketing and sales engagement.

Relevance Engine is fueled by web intent data from 450 million devices and more than 100,000 B2B websites from the U.S. and 14 international countries.*

Our growing mix of data sources generate millions of intent data daily, including web impressions (view or ad view), web searches, form submits, webinar registration, email opens and clicks, web downloads and search.

This raw data is an amalgamation of various data sets, and depending on the data, Relevance Engine employs one of two modeling techniques – recency and frequency or advanced statistical modeling.

Both models output a metric that helps gauge the strength of intent signals and provide the following demand classifications, which Marketing and Sales can use to design and execute successful programs.

Positive Demand

Invite prospects to a webinar or other high-value experience that moves them along their purchase journey toward a Sales outreach.

Neutral Demand

Maintain contact, but give the prospect a little room to catch its breath. Educational content and other mid-funnel engagement devices are the best option.

Negative Demand

Lower the priority on this account and focus your efforts on prospects who are ready to talk.

Both statistical models use variables for 4,000+ topics (hardware, software and service solutions) that are essential to B2B markets. To obtain True Influence Intent Signals™, intent data is assigned to relevant topics and then mapped with its corresponding:

  • company domain
  • location (headquarters, branch)
  • key firmographics (industry, employee size, revenue)
  • full contact record for the respondent(s)
  • installed technology for that location


See the InsightBASE 2.0 Datasheet for more information.

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