True Influence Sales Summit 2016 — an Inside Look

True Influence Sales Summit Team

True Influence Sales Summit 2016 — an Inside Look

We’re just back from a three-day Account Based Marketing Sales Summit in Puerto Rico, and we’re highly motivated and completely energized, not only from the ultra-luxurious oceanfront location, but also from the new technology that is helping our company’s sales skyrocket, a perfect motivating factor for our sales team when they returned to their home turf.

This year’s Sales Summit took place in the historic Condado Vanderbilt Hotel in San Juan, we were focusing on introducing new customers to True Influence through our powerful Account Based Marketing platform – InsightBASE™, an intelligence tool that is hard for clients to resist – especially when they see what it’s capable of.

It is timely, too, according to industry experts.

“We are seeing a big trend towards marketers looking to integrate external data with the intelligence they are gathering from their own internal campaigns,” according to Andrew Gaffney, who serves as editorial director of Demand Gen Report, a top digital publication focused on customer acquisition strategies. “Our research shows many organizations are focusing on more targeted initiatives such as Account-Based Marketing, so platforms such as InsightBASE that can help them build a more complete picture of their customers and prospects, will be critically important to these initiatives.”

During the three-day Summit with Executive, Marketing, Sales, R&D and Operations teams working together, we got to know InsightBASE on an intimate basis, so we can show clients how this technology can laser-focus their efforts by connecting them with the right people at the right time.

InsightBASE is an ever-evolving platform that is transforming B2B marketing, by targeting potential customers and providing unparalleled marketing intelligence to make decisions across all marketing channels.

Highlights included a presentation by Matt Senatore, ABM Service Director of Sirius Decisions and a Q&A session with Key Kienast, whose background includes Marketing Head for eVault, Xerox and Lexmark. Other highlights included department progress updates, new product capabilities, and workshops. Fun events included a 1920’s themed welcome reception and a “Amazing Race” through Old San Juan.

The Sales Summit also focused on educating our team on True Influence’s unique ability to meet clients’ service needs – with account support, accuracy and on-time lead delivery.

True Influence CEO Brian Giese stated that “The True Influence-Sirius Decisions relationship extends well past these meetings and is ongoing. We recognize their expertise in both Account Based Marketing and B2B Marketing best practices as a whole, and in-depth conversations like these will help us to keep InsightBASE at the forefront of emerging ABM technologies.”

The Vanderbilt Hotel where our Summit was held ultimately served as a perfect backdrop helping build motivation that will last long after the last images of the Caribbean blue ocean fade from our memories.

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