I want to shorten

my sales cycle

B2B sales cycles have never been known for their efficiency. Multiple levels of decision making, lengthy RFP processes, and procurement red tape are just a few of the – speed bumps – that can cause sales cycles to stretch out for months at a time.

If you want to shorten your sales cycles, you should be asking these questions:

  • “How do I find prospects who are already interested in our solution?”
  • “How do I reach prospects at all levels of the buyer’s journey?”
  • “How do I know when prospects are ready to buy?”
  • “How do I deliver personalized email content that guides prospects to the next stage of the funnel?”

Through the power of True Influence Intent Monitoring™, we help you answer these questions and more.

Shorten sales cycles

There are at least 4 ways InsightBASE can help you shorten your sales cycles and make them more efficient.


Find out what your targets are researching on the web


Identify accounts that are actively searching for your products and services, or have those leads delivered to you


Identify spikes in activity that indicate a possible intent to buy


Stop wasting time on accounts with no interest in your solutions

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“Always on time, always the right leads that we are looking for…it’s always been great working with True Influence.”

Lizzy Funk, Senior Marketing Specialist, Marketo

salary.com case study

Case Study

A faster way to identify and prioritize accounts



Salary.com needed an all-in-one solution to replace its lengthy, manual process of identifying new sales opportunities while prioritizing sales activities and prospects.


Using InsightBASE – and working closely with the True Influence success team,  Salary.com choose specific filters and topics to monitor and identify new companies with increased intent levels related to their solutions. They identified this activity as a signal that a prospect was entering the buying cycle.


  • InsightBASE-sourced accounts generated a 46 percent higher average opportunity value
  • InsightBASE-sourced accounts generated a $10,000 improvement in sales-accepted leads
  • Significant time savings: a manual five-day account research process was reduced to one hour