B2B solutions to

fuel your ABM



True Influence understands the needs of today’s sales and marketing teams, and we’ve designed our intent-based solutions with your specific challenges in mind. You have to fuel your ABM strategies and shorten your sales cycle. We can help you get the leads you need, when you need them, so you can stay focused on turning those leads into customers.

Here are just a few of the ways we help marketing and sales teams deal with their biggest challenges:

For your marketing team

“I need to create relevant content that delivers exactly what my targets need.”

Get the insights you need to create content that answers real questions from real targets.

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“I need to sharpen my Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies.”

Leverage the power of intent data to find the right accounts to target, at the right time.

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“I need to improve the results of my email campaigns.”

Leverage intent-based data to build customized email campaigns that resonate with your target contacts.

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For your SALES team

“I need to prioritize and expand my account base.”

Get new leads based on intent signal data and discover which accounts deserve top priority.

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“I need to shorten my sales cycle.”

Get leads that have already demonstrated an interest in your solutions.

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“I need to increase my conversion rates.”

Get leads who are more likely to convert based on their online behaviors.

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