Street Insider: True Influence® Warns B2B Marketers Not to Get Fooled by Bad Data

Street Insider: True Influence® Warns B2B Marketers Not to Get Fooled by Bad Data

This April Fool’s Day the joke is on marketers who ignore the importance of quality, accurate data

PRINCETON, N.J., April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” True Influence®, the technology leader of intent-based sales and marketing solutions, wants to make this April Fool’s Day about telling the truth because there is already too much soothsaying, fortune telling, and bamboozling in the B2B world. Truth matters when it comes to turning data into authentic, actionable intelligence.

True Influence

“Truth Matters’ is a motto that we live by at True Influence. We know the most important aspect to driving success for B2B sales and marketing is accurate data, so we are committed to providing reliable, quality data for our customers,” said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence. “It’s important to remember that data is scattered everywhere, and people access the internet from multiple devices. So, you have to examine multiple variants including intent signals, demographic, firmographic and technographic data to find the most robust insights to drive all of your marketing and sales efforts.”

On this day of trickery, True Influence wants to emphasize how truth in data can be the difference in success or failure for B2B marketers.

“The fact is so many companies out there are just reselling lead data,” Giese explained. “They claim it’s authentic and the leads are relevant, but once you look under the hood, you see they are just reselling other people’s leads over and over again. That’s never going to help companies close the sale and increase revenue. Ensuring B2B data is accurate, actionable, and true is a deeply complex process. And, we believe when it comes to delivering real results to customers, the truth matters.”

True Influence uses a three-pronged process of proprietary algorithms to screen out inaccurate records, so only real, active B2B contact records are delivered. It starts with an Identity Graph Triangulation® where records are matched to build a cohesive, omnichannel view of individual customers. These customer records are then analyzed by the True Influence Relevance Engine®, where advanced intent monitoring analytics using natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence examine behaviors that identify billions of intent signals to get a clear picture of and total active market (TAM) for specific products and solutions. Each contact record is built with unprecedented speed and accuracy and is TripleCheck® validated to ensure all information is 100 percent correct.

About True InfluenceFounded in 2008, True Influence helps you grow your business with actionable intent data. We expertly leverage data, technology, and content to drive high-impact marketing campaigns and share detailed results and insights to help you win new business. True Influence generates revenue across multiple industries, promoting brands and products from successful global companies that include well-established blue-chip brands like IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco. Our innovation earned us numerous industry awards including the 2019 and 2020 MarTech Breakthrough Award for Best Influencer Marketing Management Platform, 2020 Business Intelligence Group BIG Award for Business for Company of the Year, 2020 CIO Applications Award for Top MarTech Solution Providers, 2019 B2B Innovator Awards for C-Suite Strategy and People’s Choice, and 2019 RELE Award for Sales Enablement. For more information visit True Influence online at or follow us on FacebookLinkedIn or Twitter.

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