Anthony Dente

Anthony Dente True Influence

Anthony Dente

Vice President & Controller

Get to know Anthony

As a thinker, groundbreaker and innovator

Anthony implements control processes that better serve our customers and improve companywide performance. He created a path to condense the monthly close, maintaining accuracy and accounting standards. He also developed departmental reports that allow departments to view their monthly spend against budget, allowing them to track their progress and make adjustments as needed.

As a strategist

Anthony’s experience spans across small companies and large multinationals in various industries, allowing him to draw on his extensive background to bring new insight and ideas to the company. For True Influence, Anthony is key to managing budget process and controlling costs while allowing the business to continue to thrive and expand.

As a leader and motivator

Creating a collegial environment where everyone can contribute ideas and innovations, Anthony works with his staff to maximize their strengths and work on team goals. He has combined the company’s global team into one unit, with each member understanding their role and supporting the group for a common goal.

As a collaborator

Anthony strives to create a positive atmosphere with open communication between finance and all departments.  He sees finance as a repository of information and a resource for the company that needs to be shared for the betterment of the entire operation.

As an avid sports fan

Anthony holds a CPA and is married with two teenage daughters. He enjoys books, movies, skiing, music, playing guitar, and roots for the Mets, Devils & Steelers.

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