Ashish Jha

Ashish Jha True Influence

Ashish Jha

Vice President, Software Development

Get to know Ashish

As a thinker and innovator

Ashish is that rare professional who understands technology and product delivery. He combines the two to build great products in an agile fashion for True Influence to meet ever changing customer needs in the B2B marketplace.

As a strategist

Ashish always take the time to understand evolving customer needs and implement solutions quickly and efficiently. Working closely with product teams to translate the high-level product vision into tangible and measurable goals that get delivered flawlessly is one of his greatest strengths. Ashish is able to anticipate and plan for future growth to ensure that the product seamlessly scales up and continues to provide a good user experience.

As a leader and motivator

PaHaving the innate ability to intuitively identify, understand, and help the team fix problems on a continuous basis are Ashish’s strengths as a leader. While relentlessly pushing his team to deliver a flawless product, he provides the right environment and motivation to people and teams to grow and deliver above and beyond expectations on a continuous basis. Ashish strives to always maintain open communication and collaboration among his teams.

As a collaborator

Ashish works very closely with all departments within True Influence to ensure that the overall product needs are met to the lowest common denominator and are in line with True Influence’s overall product vision.

As a well-rounded person

Ashish loves to sing and is especially passionate about ghazals as a genre. Like a true Indian, he loves to watch and play Cricket, and support the Indian Cricket team. He is also passionate about football/ soccer, table tennis, fitness, and healthy eating. He loves to cook and tries to ensure that his wife gets the weekend off from cooking duties. Indian, Thai and Greek are some of the cuisines that he loves to cook (and eat).

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