Brian Giese

Brian Giese

Chief Executive Officer

Get to know Brian

As a groundbreaker and innovator

Brian is a true visionary when it comes to marketing and sales. For those who know him, it’s no surprise he received the 2019 B2B Innovator People’s Choice Award. His vision and methods laid the foundation for creation of the category “Intent Monitoring” at a time when the intent concept was still new to many demand generation practitioners.

As a growth strategist

Brian is no stranger to the world of high growth technology. In fact, you might say he wrote the book on it. His popular work, “I.T. Sales Boot Camp”, was on the Amazon Hot 100 and is used as a guide for selling technology products to mainstream companies. Brian sees the full picture and not only frames the strategy but directs implementation towards a solution that brings ROI to the bottom line.

As a leader and motivator

Brian is a classic entrepreneurial and “intrapreneurial” executive who’s built sales and marketing teams from the ground up, then taken them from start-up to stand-out. Throughout his career, Brian has brought discipline and structure to high-tech sales, and under his leadership, teams have recorded double-digit growth even in difficult times. His leadership skills and motivational spirit came at an early age; he still has many very good and trusted friends from early childhood.

As a lifelong learner

You may think of Brian as a Renaissance man: he’s a member of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle (the first literary club in America), loves tennis and hunting, collects art and loves music (all types). He has met Elvis, Neil Diamond, The Ramones, Santana, Fleetwood Mac, Spyro Gyra and George Jones to name a few and has great stories about them all!

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