Kay Kienast

Chief Marketing Officer

Get to know Kay

As an achiever

Kay lives and breathes digital marketing, and her zeal is unmatched, but not unrecognized. In addition to being part of the Forbes Communications Council, Kay was named one of the Top 30 Most Influential Women in B2B Marketing. She’s also an active, enthusiastic member of the SiriusDecisions Customer Advisory Committee.

As a marketer and strategist

Kay knows what it takes to make a big impact and isn’t afraid to take risks. She quickly gets to the core issues of a problem or opportunity, while her sweeping, strategic vision combines with a sense of urgency to execute. Her statistically driven approach coupled with keen insight, experience and “street smarts” have guided teams to impressive results. This thorough strategist lives the concept of sales and marketing alignment to drive revenue, and her approach augments a traditional sales-driven business with a modern marketing engine.

As a leader, collaborator and motivator

Kay confidently guides marketing organizations through the tough processes that make a difference. A past repositioning program to embrace enterprise customers delivered over $5 million in pipeline within the first six months. Her determination rings clear in every conversation and each decision. Kay is known for her ability to rally teams, both internal and vendor, into cohesive productivity. Her vision motivates teams and brings focus to complex marketing concepts – from branding and social media to enterprise-level marketing automation campaigns and company domain rollouts.

As a demand generation professional

Kay’s demand generation programs have been widely recognized for their effectiveness and strong return on investment and profitability. One recent example is the Video in Business (VIB) Visionary Award given to  “The DemandGen Father” series of personalized videos.

As an animal lover

Having grown up on a farm in Kansas, Kay learned to love animals of all sorts. She actively campaigns for animal rights and gives her love and devotion to three very sassy cats.

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