Ken Lordy

Ken Lordy True Influence

Ken Lordy

Senior Vice President, Product Management

Get to know Ken

As a Thinker, Groundbreaker and Innovator

Ken is an accomplished executive with a 20-year track record of leading products and teams in telecom, data, and Martech to profitable growth with companies such as Dun & Bradstreet and Alcatel-Lucent through customer focus, P&L management, and team development. He is responsible for our product roadmaps and strategic direction and is helping keep True Influence at the forefront of revenue technology.

As a Leader and Motivator

Ken creates a thriving working environment through transparency and inclusion, whether defining new partnerships, introducing new products, or acquiring and integrating companies. As a member of the leadership team at True Influence, Ken provides strategic direction and management to his team and the other groups within True Influence.

As a Strategist

Ken utilizes a combination of business and technical education leveraged across all areas of product management, including new product development, mature growth, and developing and structuring strategic alliances. Working with both customers and engineering teams, Ken can distill customer and market feedback into the right products and deliver them to the market at the right time.

As an Outdoorsman

Ken spends his free time skiing, fishing, and cooking with his wife and two children.

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