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Michael VanPatten True Influence

Michael VanPatten

Chief Financial Officer

Get to know Michael

As a thinker, visionary and innovator

Michael is that rare financial executive who also pays attention to customer experience. He’s that quick study who bridges operational practices to financial results. Even in our fast-changing field, Michael keeps the focus on what’s needed to move forward. How do cost-effective innovative technologies increase efficiencies? Michael can tell you.

As a strategist and achiever

One of Michael’s strengths is figuring out where technologies are going before they germinate and mature. Michael saw the trends in LAN networking and wireless technologies well before they became the standard. This foresight adds value to his strategic guidance. It’s just his nature to “get it done,” like being responsible for fiscal management during high growth development and international expansion for a martech firm delivering account-based marketing, intent monitoring and digital demand generation. Or it could be managing HR, IT and new business investments for profitable growth in new markets and improvements with our SaaS product.

As a leader, motivator and collaborator

Innovation without a plan won’t get far, but that doesn’t happen at True Influence. Michael conceptualizes productivity innovation and supervises technology implementation. In past roles, he was instrumental in achieving quick, post-acquisition integrations between systems, while at the same time closing the books within an accelerated timeline. Michael led another team to re-position and brand a company and products for an IPO. Their cohesive, marketing-driven program provided a flow of information to launch the public company. Working with stakeholders including investors, employees, banks, attorneys, auditors, vendors and customers to ensure value creation, his management style empowers individuals, while encouraging teamwork.

As a finance professional

A “CFO of the Year” Finalist, Michael is known for taking on the tough projects, whether it’s managing the merger and integration of two wireless security software companies or implementation of a new ERP system. (Not only is he extremely smart in accounting, Michael is well-versed in computer systems, too.)  Michael holds a CPA and MBA, has taught over 20 MBA classes in Finance, Marketing and Management at a major university and is a member of the Financial Executives International (FEI), Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) and has authored several published articles.

As a multi-sport enthusiast

Michael has a U.S. Soccer Coaching License and has coached multiple teams for several years. He played football in high school and these days is focused on his tennis game. He has won several tournaments.

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