Patrick Spalding

Patrick Spalding True Influence

Patrick Spalding

Vice President, Customer Success

Get to know Patrick

As a Leader and a Motivator

People are unique and carry their own special talents. Often, we box ourselves in when thinking about what specific personas can accomplish or where they fit. In reality, greatness presents itself in many different forms. Patrick has mentored top talent, tapping into the best version of themselves and how to use that in the workplace. Everyone has their own superpowers; its more about harnessing those strengths and aligning them with needs they solve best.

As a Collaborator

Owning all aspects of support, Patrick is tasked with working cross-functionally will every department in True Influence to craft intelligent, meaningful support for True Influence customers. External and internal, everyone is treated like a customer.

As a Strategist

Patrick’s teams are constantly evolving to best support the everchanging marketing landscape. He continues to guide the support roadmap and devise strategies to showcase success to all True Influence customers.

As an Exercise Enthusiast

Patrick has enjoyed a number of challenges in life, but always feels more connected and creative when living an active lifestyle. Cycling has presented the best opportunity to accomplish large personal challenges like regular 100 mile rides, massive climbs, amateur races, and some lofty weekly goals. He shares this hobby and everything truly special with his wife and daughter.

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