Praveen Balla

Praveen Balla

Vice President, Production

Get to know Praveen

As a thinker, groundbreaker, and innovator

Praveen is a business leader with 15 years of experience across emerging technologies and businesses. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about all facets of technology and growth-led business transformations. Praveen built, hyper-scaled and leads one of the largest global demand generation business units within True Influence, helping generate multi-million-dollar revenues and enormous growth since inception across PersonaBase and DisplayBase service lines.

As a thought leader

Praveen was recognized with a LiveRamp Champion of Change RampChamp award for being a leader who sees the incredible value they can create for customers when data relates to purpose, as well as take a proactive approach to data and technology to design a more connected future that delivers a better experience.

As a motivator

Constantly self-educating, Praveen’s expertise spans many fields and disciplines where he acts as a coach, investor, and advisor. He is a roll-up-your-sleeves operator who can talk to anyone, relate to them, and build genuine relationships. Praveen uses an alignment of leadership skills, relationship building, and technology to support, build leaders, and grow his teams. He always has an eye on the Rule of 40, his favorite SaaS business metric that states a company’s revenue growth rate plus profitability margin should be equal to or greater than 40%.

As a sci-fi enthusiast

Praveen’s current hobbies include reading S-1s, tinkering with smart contracts, being a Daft Punk and Star Wars fan, listening to futuristic podcasts, economic model designs, and troublemaking in the kitchen with his new Star Wars cookware.

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