Ray Estevez

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Ray Estevez

Chief Information Officer

Get to know Ray

As a thinker

Ray’s knack for recognizing trends before they’re trends creates an advantage for anyone who works with him. He’s got great insight into where data is heading in demand generation.

As a strategist

Strategic, organized and out of the box, Ray is known for real-world solutions for the most challenging requests, while ensuring operational teams have tools and processes that add value. Whenever there’s a data- or technology-related opportunity, we count on Ray to provide sales support, integration efficiency, and data insights. We know he’s great at it. He’s executed countless integrations of technologies and personnel during mergers and acquisitions.

As an IT innovator and achiever

CIO, CDO, CTO – Ray’s done it all, including co-founding one business and shepherding several others to acquisitions. With his breadth of experience and vision, it’s not surprising that he’s led multiple teams through design, development and growth to become attractive investments. With Ray at the helm, we know the data and technology we use are just as solid.

As a leader, motivator and collaborator

Ray’s no stranger to complex business transformations and large-scale data and technology implementations. In fact, we don’t think much scares him. He clearly thrives under pressure and deadlines, having spearheaded significant data and technology transformations, and designed and implemented complex data products and services. Now a member of our Senior Team, it’s not his first leadership rodeo. He was co-founder and CIO for V12 Group and serves on the Board of Advisors of Rebel Visions Corporation. Always the consummate professional, he brings answers and clarity to murky situations. Customers remark on Ray’s ability to put technical jargon into layman’s terms, so everyone at the table can understand a complex process.

As a technologist and data professional

Technical wizardry, communication clarity and business acumen are terms frequently used to describe Ray. As the driving force behind our database and technological advances, Ray is one of the most knowledgeable technology executives you’ll meet. In his extensive CTO career, he’s led all aspects of technical operations. His prowess in databases, direct marketing and business add up to a unique and impressive track record.

As a team player

Ever an advocate for his team, Ray encourages education, open communication and work-life balance. He finds his true balance and peace with his wife and four children. He loves to read, travel and root for the Yankees, Knicks and Giants.

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