RK Maniyani

RK Maniyani True Influence

RK Maniyani

Chief Technology Officer

Get to know RK

As a thinker, visionary and innovator

As co-founder of a category-defining company in demand generation, RK stays curious about what’s coming next and how that can benefit B2B marketers.

As a strategist

Always looking out to better the company and the True Influence experience, RK guides our product and technology roadmap, research and development, IT infrastructure and even email deliverability – a crucial element of B2B demand generation. He brings an interesting balance of management, technical HR skills and account experience. We always count on RK to deliver on time with quality outcomes.

As a professional technologist

RK has the technology chops to back up anything he wants to do. He’s got skills in Enterprise Software Development, Cloud Services, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Management, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Blockchain, Crypto Currencies, and Start-ups. It all adds up to an experienced Chief Technology Officer and international executive.

As a leader, motivator and collaborator

Colleagues and customers know RK as easy to work with and ever-responsive, approachable and supportive. Although he maintains a heavy workload, he finds time to counsel and coach on resourcing, recruiting, and other HR and administrative issues.

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