Roger Morrison

General Counsel

Get to know Roger

As a thinker, visionary and innovator

Roger has all the characteristics of an expert general counsel. He brings the highest level of integrity to work with him every day. His strategic perspective to problem-solving has helped us build a great organization and the broad knowledge he has acquired as a “constant learner” makes for a great leader.

As a legal professional

When it came down to hiring a General Counsel to represent the company, there was no doubt that Roger had the experience and the business acumen any company would want. Diligent and serious, he researches industry news, policies, and legislatures and keeps the executive team regularly informed. His extensive international experience in patent, trademark protection, labor and employment law has been instrumental in our growth strategy. Roger is known for his brilliant legal mind, combined with the finest legal training from Columbia Law School and perfected by more than 40 years of litigation experience.

As a collaborator

A careful listener, Roger has the ability to breakdown information and instill trust in his colleagues. C-Suite collaboration is hard to achieve in all companies, but his diligence allows us to tackle the complex business issues facing today’s demand generation market and align as partners.

As a beloved grandpa

His greatest joy in life is spending time with his grandchildren. He and his wife moved to Birmingham, Alabama to be near them. When he’s not on grandpa duty, you can find him vacationing in Puerto Rico and swimming in the ocean.

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