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Terry Arnold

Vice President Marketing

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As an Innovator

Innovation is crucial to the success of any business seeking to succeed in today’s environment. Terry is always asking the critical questions necessary to improve as a company, looking at how to enhance our current approaches to everyday challenges in a manner that provides incremental results over and above what has been done previously. Never satisfied with the status quo, he inspires innovation in the groups he leads and empowers others to bring creativity in the issues they are trying to address.

As a Collaborator

As a former salesperson, solutions engineer, sales enablement leader, and operations director, Terry views his role through a collaborative lens that is unique to most marketing leaders. Rather than working within the confines of marketing, he draws insights from cross-functional relationships to identify and orchestrate initiatives that reflect the needs and desires of the organization. He intentionally strives to break down barriers to build upon the collective strengths of all True Influence departments.

As a Strategist

Terry is passionate about integrated digital marketing and the application of digital solutions to drive customer engagement. For more than 30 years he has held leadership roles guiding customers and mentoring vertically-based sales organizations in the integration of digital media solutions in demand generation and marketing communications/automation programs.

As a Servant

To serve among like-minded individuals concerned with the plight of hunger, poverty and the living conditions in our global society, Terry leans into world missions’ projects to provide a hand-up in improving the lives of others. Initiatives include building projects in Haiti, monthly First Responder Breakfast events, and participating in food and clothing drives. He is an avid cyclist, foodie, and emerging lake rat since he lives along Lake Wylie in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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