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Fact-Based Account Marketing focuses directly on signals – the facts you need to get you closer to your next customer than ever before.

B2B Email Analytics and Targeting

The InsightBASE® Relevance Engine.

InsightBASE sorts through billions of online behaviors of millions of companies you want to target.

Imagine 5,000 target-able topics to choose from – this is scale-able account marketing — at your fingertips.

Automate and trigger instant contact.

Take advantage of InsightBASE integrations with Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce and more to launch campaigns automatically to target companies.

When a prospect company begins exploring your product category online, they will automatically receive the email (or other) campaign that you’ve chosen for them. Automatic early engagement.

InsightBASE Spike Alert capability lets you automatically notify Sales and other internal teams when a target account is active and looking for your product, allowing for timely and immediate outreach.

Set up Surge Alerts to trigger email campaigns.
Business Contact Information from True Influence

We don’t stop there.

We give you full business contact information of the people showing interest.

Sort by Industry, Job Level, Interest, Company Size and Revenue.

We give you names, domains, phone numbers and email addresses from the largest B2B contact database – our IntentBASE® – in the industry.

See how we are delivering customer success.

Today’s fastest growing companies are choosing True Influence and finding new ways to grow their business through B2B Relationship Intelligence.

The following customers and their stories represent just a few of the unique ways people are leveraging our platform.


Use your InsightBASE platform subscription to build campaigns, analyze their potential and generate sales alerts when targets show interest. You’ll have full access to our easy-to-use platform and 30 million business contacts.


We know how busy you are. Let us serve up highly qualified, sales-ready leads and analytics to your sales team complete with TripleCheck® business contact information: names, positions, emails, telephone numbers and much more.