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Telephone Lead Generation powered by intent

True Influence’s TeleLEADS program leverages our expertise as a recognized leader in B2B demand generation to deliver highly qualified leads at every stage of your pipeline, from marketing to sales-ready. Our customer success managers work with you to craft custom qualification criteria and questions that add valuable purchase trigger intelligence to your program. Our TripleCheck® lead verification process ensures that all contact information is accurate. We deliver leads in the volume you need, at the pace you need, guaranteed.

Connecting PeopleThe result: Your team can move ahead with confidence in ongoing programs that create a predictable, cost-effective and top-performing lead-generation channel.

A True Influence customized solution focuses on YOUR unique customer targets and personas. We leverage the power of intent signals to qualify those potential contacts with the goal of turning them into customers. Our comprehensive approach allows you to market to those that are in-market.

Marketing Leads

Marketing Lead: Responded to our telephone offer to download a white paper. 100% quality-checked.

Marketing Intelligence Lead

Marketing Intelligence Lead: Answered a profiling question such as “Who is your current service provider?” 100% quality-checked.

Marketing Qualified Lead

Marketing Qualified Lead: Answered a profiling question and a pain-point question. 100% quality-checked.

Sales Qualified Lead

Sales Qualified Lead: Specified an intent to review or replace their current solution in the next 12 months. 100% quality-checked.

How TeleLEADS™ works

We find prospects who you might otherwise be missing

Not every B2B decision-maker responds to marketing emails or looks to social media for purchase decision support. TeleLEADS programs use B2B demand generation principles to identify prospects who are ready to pick up the phone and talk about the factors driving their spending decisions. We use a wide variety of intelligence, including our InsightBASE® platform and its True Influence Relevance Engine® intent monitoring analytics, to find accounts that are actively in-market for your product or solution.

We Know Who We are Talking to

Our TeleLEADS call specialists use demographic, firmographic and other market intelligence to understand exactly who within a buying organization is involved in the purchase decision.

Our Call Professionals are Highly Qualified

We select our call center specialists for your programs based on their professionalism and excellent language skills. For international programs, we offer in-language assets and call support.

We Customize the Call Experience to Meet Your Goals

To develop custom questions, we work with your team and identify purchase triggers that add valuable market intelligence to your TeleLEADS programs. We can call under your brand or one of our own reputable brands that relate to your product or service.

We Validate Every Lead

Our exclusive TripleCheck lead validation process uses computer algorithms, human tele-verification and social media to confirm that lead information is current and accurate. And our leads are 100 percent guaranteed – any out-of-target leads are replaced, no questions.

We Deliver a Steady Flow of Leads for Every Stage of Your Pipeline

TeleLEADS are delivered daily or weekly, as you choose, and can be posted directly into leading marketing automation systems to fuel your existing nurturing programs. We deliver at the volume you request, at the pace you request, keeping your pipeline consistently healthy.

We’re There for You

Our customer service makes us a recognized leader in demand generation. We are with you every step of the way, answering questions and fielding any complaints; adjusting campaign parameters on-the-fly to meet changing goals and keep your cost-per-lead (CPL) goals on track. We work with you to ensure that TeleLEADS are a cost-effective, high-performing source in your lead generation mix.

Red Checks


Our verification process guarantees our leads are real, employed and reachable.

Red Ribbon

The highest quality leads.

If you recieve an out-of-target lead, we replace it, no questions asked.

Red People

Business 2 Business

Customers receive only verified business leads delivered on-time and on target.

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