The Dawn of Fact-Based Account Marketing

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The Dawn of Fact-Based Account Marketing

A 2015 survey by Sirius Decisions found that 92% of B2B marketers see value in Account-Based Marketing, but only 20% had ABM programs in place.

In her column Account-Based Marketing: New Buzzword or New Reality, MarketingLand’s Rachel Balik addressed this enormous gap and outlined steps to make ABM “an attainable endeavor.”

The vital first step is identifying Target Accounts:

“The first step to implementing an account-based marketing strategy is to build your target account list — the companies you want to be your customers. This is a shift for many marketers, who typically think in terms of buyer personas.

“At first, it might seem that coming up with buyer personas is a lot easier than trying to figure who your future customers are. The truth is, when it comes to customers in B2B, you actually can make a pretty accurate guess about what accounts will close.”

We at True Influence very much agree that appropriate identification of target companies does more to determine the level of success of an ABM initiative than any other factor, and have spent the past 18 months developing a platform that will guide B2B marketers in doing just that.

InsightBASE™ is an unprecedented combination of three highly impactful components:

  1. The largest repository of B2B Intent Data in existence (identifying which companies are demonstrating increased interest in your product category)
  2. A state-of-the art B2B Contact Database (over 30M US business contacts, including full contact information such as email and telephone, for enhancing your outreach)
  3. A marketer-friendly user interface sitting on top of our proprietary Relevance Engine (the first productization of B2B Intent Data – data scientists are no longer needed)

While no single approach to Account-Based Marketing will work for every company and every situation, there are few foundational elements more obviously beneficial than knowing which companies appear to have begun the online research that precedes a purchase. InsightBASE provides this information to you, both for companies that you are currently interested in (you may upload a list of companies to monitor) and for companies you might not have considered to be potential prospects (you may review all companies that show a surge in interest in your product category and/or filter on firmographic criteria such as industry, revenue, # of employees, location,

Megan Heuer, Vice President at SiriusDecisions, has stated that. “What makes ABM so attractive right now is the way it combines insights for strategy and technology for execution… What we’ll see in the year ahead is whether marketers acquire the skills and resources they need to fully realize the promise of ABM.”

InsightBASE is such a resource, and is a truly revolutionary one. See it for yourself!

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