The InsightBASE Launch Event – An Unprecedented View

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The InsightBASE Launch Event – An Unprecedented View

There’s a lot to love in San Francisco – the enchanting Redwoods, the historical Golden Gate Bridge, and of course the ever-flowing hills with their inspiring views. San Francisco is a city of amazing views and rewarding perspectives.

Now consider the view from the top of the tallest building in the city – at sunset, no less – and imagine the perspectives available there. This vantage point seemed the perfect location to launch a data platform designed expressly for the purpose of seeing things never before visible to B2B marketers. That platform is InsightBASE™, and what it shows you is what your prospects are doing online – not on your website (you can already see that), but rather on the thousands of other relevant websites that pertain to your business.

Last Thursday at dusk, a group of 50 handpicked B2B marketing thought leaders and decision-makers convened on the top floor of the Transamerica Pyramid to see this new capability for themselves.

There was food, beverage, and amazing views, along with a fast-moving and engaging presentation by Brian Giese, True Influence CEO and Scarlett Whedbee, Senior Sales Engineer. We were gratified that InsightBASE and its use cases were as enthusiastically received by this audience as they have been by the customers, industry leaders, journalists and analysts who have reviewed InsightBASE already.

Didn’t make it to the top? That’s okay. Moving forward we’ll be hosting a series of weekly webinars each Tuesday to go over InsightBASE and all it has to offer.Register for the next one here. We will show you just how cool this newest tool can be in the right hands.

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