This Isn’t Your Father’s Sales Lead

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This Isn’t Your Father’s Sales Lead

The 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report confirms the need to elevate your lead generation strategy.

Golden oldies, antique furniture, fine wines, and classic cars are just a few of the old things we value highly. However, if you are still approaching new prospects with the same type of lead generation campaigns that we used 20 years ago, only online, you’ve probably noticed that you’re not getting the same value as we did back then. We used to send all of our mailing list the same flyer, one that described our products and services, perhaps with a catchy title or a special offer. It worked then because prospects had no other information sources. Today, your prospects have probably already read your generic brochure online, or, if they haven’t, it’s because they don’t care to at this time. Prospects know that they can access that type of information anytime, and don’t want, need, or appreciate your help to do so.

The data presented in Marketing Sherpa’s annual email marketing benchmark report confirms that the old ways no longer work, but this month’s True Influence whitepaper tells you why, and it describes how you can drive a successful email lead generation campaign. The key, if you haven’t guessed, is new technology – our InsightBASE™ dashboard. Combined with the True Influence LeadPAC™ Relevance Engine™ and access to our huge database of prospect profiles, InsightBASE Dashboard delivers in-depth behavioral insight into your prospects’ current interests and motivations, which allows you to create the type of personalized marketing communications that appeal to those motivations.

Dance to those old songs, invest in antiques, savor those wonderful wines, and polish that car you had back in high school – it’s all good. But, when you need sales prospects, don’t live in the past; embrace the future. Check out the latest True Influence whitepaper – The Low-Hanging Fruit Has Been Picked – to learn how.

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