Programmatic Display

Accelerate Your ABM Strategy

Strengthen your ABM and target your messages to B2B decision-makers wherever they travel online, no matter what device. The True Influence Marketing CloudTM Platform lets you manage and optimize display programs across multiple channels to improve brand awareness and engagement, drive conversions, and track every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Powerful Targeting

Expand your reach and target your ads to contacts within buying groups who are actively in-market. Identify and target individuals with key roles and responsibilities that match your ideal customer profile and segment using our firmographic, demographic, or technographic data, augment with your own ABM account lists, or develop new target accounts based on our intent data. Our advanced identity resolution through linking and triangulation of additional data (i.e. device IDs, geo targeting, etc. ) identifies individuals at the contact level.

Omnichannel Optimization

Display advertising can be used to engage prospects and customers across the entire funnel. The reach and scalability of display advertising lets you engage with B2B buyers as they progress through your sales process. With the powerful use of intent data, you can create hyper-targeted ads, personalize content, and optimize contextual placements to ensure you are representing your brand in the best possible light. Plan, manage and optimize your media buys, all in one place with our programmatic display advertising solution.

Measure Effectiveness

Get a complete picture of who is engaging with your display media content. We provide full account level reporting and align at the role level across all ABM targets so you can target with the most relevant content and messaging. All viewability reporting data is based on direct measurement and not forecasted methods and we always verify the credibility of display inventory sources, ensuring your brand safety.

See what True Influence Programmatic Display can do for you: