Tips for Lead Generation

Tips for Lead Gen

Tips for Lead Generation

Everyone is talking about Lead Gen, Marketing Automation and the like. What’s all the hubbub about? Well, stated simply, its because all businesses need to capture leads to keep the funnel to sales full and many are searching for the right lead generation software to help them accomplish this goal.

Common questions I hear from customers relate to acquiring and saving contact information so they can market to those leads later. Ones I hear the most:

  • “How do I convince someone to give me their information?”
  • “How much information do I need to collect?”
  • “Should I ask for all that I want upfront or ease them into pipeline more slowly?”
  • These are the right questions to be asking. Simply put, people don’t WANT to be marketed to. They’re busy, inundated with their own priorities and they don’t have time for you and your promotions. So, to part with their contact information, your prospect is going to expect something good in return.

    As you might expect, the more you give them, the more they’ll give you. And the value of what you’re offering and the relevancy of that content to your target audience absolutely affect how easily they will give up that information.

    For example, if you offer a free report or white paper on your website, you might get a name and email address. Don’t expect the prospect to send you their address, phone number or any other critical information. The white paper is not worth anymore than that to them.

    However…if you were to hold a drawing for a free trip or a popular electronic gadget, you might get name, email, phone, and address. Suddenly your marketing is more powerful and targeted than it was before.

    This doesn’t mean you need to give away a trip to get contact information. The important point is that asking for too much information may cause a prospect to run screaming in the other direction or in web parlance, “skate” away from your website/email. Ask only for what you know you’ll get, after all it takes time to develop trust with prospective customers. (It is called “nurturing” for a reason!) Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to effectively nurturing those leads and keeping that pipeline full.

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