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As you face a range of challenges with news and protocols changing quickly, I wanted to reach out and give you an understanding of how we are managing the global coronavirus pandemic in our organization. Success depends on watching out for our communities and this is what we’re doing for our employees and our customers.

First, thank you for continuing to trust us at True Influence. We are committed to making sure our employees and the communities in which they live remain safe. Last week, in the wake of the CDC and WHO guidelines, our employees around the world were strongly encouraged to work from home. This has been a smooth process for us, since many of our employees are remote-friendly and familiar with working through digital channels.

Over the years and even today, we are prepared and have taken the steps to build operational resiliency into our business and have identified the essential roles to avoid any disruption to the delivery of our services. With prospects working at home, you may need to rely on more digital and account-based marketing strategies, and our sales and support teams are ready to help you tailor your campaigns.

How work goes on:

We have been providing you with demand generation solutions for over 12 years and will continue to serve you with the quality and quantity you need for continued business success. Please rest assured our management team is focused on ensuring business continuity during this unprecedented time, and we are monitoring the situation closely.

  • Communications: We naturally use digital communications to bring worldwide teams together.
  • Trust: You can rely on us because we are redundant in all areas and can scale to meet your needs.
  • Quality: We have always been committed to quality, and our commitment and processes will not change.
  • Resolve: We are a tough bunch, and we don’t give up. We will use teamwork to get through this together.

Continue to work with us as you have always done

On behalf of the entire True Influence family, please stay safe and reach out to your Account Director at any time.
If I can be of any assistance to you, reach out to me directly at bg[email protected]

Brian Giese