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True Influence® Identifies B2B Industry Intent Trends During COVID-19, Helping B2B Sales and Marketing Find Their Next Customer – Sales Tech Star

Identifying the industries and buying groups that are in market is crucial to helping companies get back to business by keeping campaigns targeted and running smoothly during a crisis 

True Influence®, the technology leader of intent-based marketing, sales and demand generation solutions, announced that its helping B2B organizations get back to business by utilizing its True Influence Marketing Cloud™ to allow marketers to identify insights and trends in vertical markets, the individual buyers, and buying groups. Focusing intent monitoring on specific personas to identify individuals and buying group members that are in market allows marketers to watch the behavior of buyers that are in market and target them strategically. This is critical to businesses that are trying to build and maintain successful marketing and sales campaigns to endure during and after the COVID-19 pandemic martech news.

“To successfully navigate through the crisis, it’s important to adapt and refocus your sales and marketing efforts based on what is happening to the target audience within your specific industry,” said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence. “We are helping B2B companies to identify the intent signals that make it possible for them to focus their time and budget on relevant, timely communications with their customers and prospects, as well as identify industries that should not be targeted at this time.”

True Influence’s B2C to B2B Identity Graph Triangulation™ matches the research now being done primarily in people’s homes to their corporate identities. Valid signals are identified in the customer or prospect data stream (from IP identification, device identification, email identification) that represent individuals consuming B2B topics and content in non-business environments and match it back to their professional identity. The company is seeing positive spikes in several industries, including finance, healthcare, professional services, manufacturing, telecom, technology, transportation, and wholesale.

Here is a comparative analysis of the Enterprise and SMB markets that are showing intent of people actively getting ready to make purchases within these markets before and after the COVID-19 pandemic was identified. Based on the U.S. business environment, it is not surprising that the SMB market continues to grow faster than the Enterprise market. Additionally, even though both markets have taken a dip in intent signals, they are both well above where they were prior to COVID. (Note that these are real-time visualizations on the True Influence website under the Select a Comparison tab).

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