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True Influence Introduces InsightBASE Version 2.0

MarTech Series features True Influence and the release of InsightBASE 2.0.

True Influence, the technology leader whose intent data platform and lead generation services dramatically improves account-based marketing (ABM) and business-to-business (B2B) marketing performance, announced that it is launching a new version of the company’s flagship Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution: InsightBASE Version 2.0.

A groundbreaking platform for B2B sales and marketing, the InsightBASE Version 2.0 account accelerator platform allows marketers to learn the ideal timing when prospects are looking to buy their product or service. InsightBASE Version 2.0 combines the most advanced data and analytic technologies to create a comprehensive monitoring solution that specifically identifies Intent Signals, which are proven pieces of data that indicate buying interest and purchase acceleration. These signals are collected in real-time as the result of web-based activities – such as web impressions, searches, email opens and more — to create a profile showing which companies and locations are actively in the market for a specific solution.

“Today, companies tend to rely on first-party lists or behavioral data to plan their B2B marketing approach, but that is just a small piece of the puzzle,” said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence. “The fact is, B2B decisionmakers take a complex journey before making buying choices by conducting research for their next big purchase. To be truly competitive, it’s critical to have a complete, worldwide picture of your prospects’ overall online purchase journey.”

InsightBASE Version 2.0 provides that overview, gathering and analyzing millions of intent signals daily, including web searches, read articles, content downloads, social media activity, and more. It then organizes the data into topics relevant to the B2B marketer’s areas of interest.

InsightBASE Version 2.0 key features include:

• Improved user workflow helps quickly build and refine campaigns around topical interest, purchase decision role and company firmographics
• Identify and explore intent trends in companies, locations, and international markets.
• Research purchase intent at named accounts and new companies that are prime candidates for the overall marketing strategy, including ABM programs
• Aggregate full contact records of prospects, including such detailed information as company headquarters location, branch locations, company size and revenue, et al.
• Advanced Relevance Engine analytics identify meaningful trends in account and location intent to refine marketing and sales strategies for every stage of a campaign
• TripleCheck lead verification from business and locations ensures accurate intent-to-purchase statistics
• Highest quality standards for our network of intent data providers ensures broad market coverage and accurate business intelligence.
• Native integrations with industry-leading marketing automation systems helps users implement and refine marketing campaigns almost immediately

“B2B buyers are highly informed now more than ever as they conduct extensive online and offline research,” said Matt Senatore, service director of Account-Based Marketing at SiriusDecisions. “B2B sellers can be better positioned to identify buying opportunities and distinct account needs by observing not only first-party intent data, but also augmenting that with third-party intent. This gives them more insights to develop their marketing and sales outreach as well as helps prioritize their focus.”

Bulldog Solutions, a B2B marketing agency, used InsightBASE Version 2.0 Intent Signal analysis to select and target new customers in a six-month ABM program highlighting the agency’s creative services. The company saw impressive results with an email open rate of 39 percent (about four times the industry average) and a click-through rate (CTR) of 22 percent. The agency recognized 42 meetings with new prospects over six months as a result of the campaign, with a pipeline of $14.8 million and closing $3.5 million in new business.

“InsightBASE Version 2.0 puts control back into the hands of marketers by helping identify the right message to the right customer at the precise time they should get it,” said Todd Spiecher, senior vice president of marketing and sales of Bulldog Solutions. “InsightBASE provides me intelligence about which prospects and customers are actively researching and in market. Now, each quarter we can prioritize and identify 50-75 accounts to target, resulting in higher engagement, increased conversion, and faster sales cycles.”

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