True Influence Launches Advanced Intent Signal Monitoring Solution For B2B Markets – SalesTech Star

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True Influence Launches Advanced Intent Signal Monitoring Solution For B2B Markets – SalesTech Star

InsightBase 3.0 Allows B2B Marketing and Sales Professionals to Reach the Specific Decision-Makers Showing Intent; Provides Full Contact Record as Needed

True Influence, the technology leader of intent-based marketing and demand generation solutions, announced InsightBase Version 3.0, a flexible subscription model with advanced proprietary intent signal monitoring.

Version 3.0 of InsightBase allows users to connect with the exact prospects who are actively in-market for products or services. To improve data accuracy, True Influence moved away from using Bombora intent data and through years of research developed its own multi-variant solution, allowing InsightBase 3.0 to yield reliable and effective intent signaling at scale. The addition of True Influence’s proprietary intent data also allows the company to provide contact-level intent data that is delivered across many B2B markets versus only a part of the market if a publisher model is used.

“The combination of company-level intent signals plus verified contact names is the killer combination marketing and sales teams need to be most effective,” said Kerry Cunningham, senior research director at Sirius Decisions. “Leads tell sellers who to reach out to, but the company level intent signals substantiate that the lead’s activity is part of a legitimate buying process, so the combination of the two provides powerful, actionable insight that allows organizations to shorten the sales cycle and increase revenue faster.”

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InsightBase’s exclusive multi-variant True Influence Relevance Engine gathers and analyzes millions of signals each day from the web, then identifies purchase intent for all types of B2B decision-makers who impact a final purchase decision. Knowing the raw volume of intent signals generated at an account is only part of identifying prospects. It’s also crucial to understand which individuals are exhibiting that interest, their location, and whether a spike truly represents active demand and a compelling opportunity to connect.

InsightBase 3.0 has upgraded its Relevance Engine to include machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP helps users identify the topics they want to monitor with Google-like searches. This information is organized around an extensive library of more than 6,000 topics that are essential to a company’s solutions and its markets.

This new version of InsightBase uses visual account reporting to summarize audiences, contacts, volume and intent pace, providing an added level of intelligence, not just data. This intelligence allows organizations to size, prospect and connect to its total active market, reducing lengthy sales cycles and increasing revenue by discovering and connecting to the best-fit prospects at exactly the right time.

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InsightBase’s advanced analytics and reporting tools provide clear visibility into:

  • Proprietary intent with a 90-day history
  • Contact-level intent to include firmographics and demographics
  • Campaign and account summaries
  • Company summary
  • Historical intent trendline
  • Total active market

The solution offers concurrent integration with industry-leading marketing and sales automation systems, adding the power of intent to the tools that companies already use.

“Understanding and utilizing the power of intent is critical to the success of every marketing and sales organization,” said Brian Giese, CEO, True Influence. “With InsightBase’s advanced technology, we provide market intelligence that dramatically impacts sales and revenue growth for our customers.”


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