True Influence® Launches DisplayBase – Destination CRM

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True Influence® Launches DisplayBase – Destination CRM

True Influence Launches DisplayBase Digital Media Advertising Solution

True Influence, a provider of intent-based marketing and demand generation solutions, today released DisplayBase, a unified cross-channel B2B media management solution that allows users to manage and optimize their display advertising programs.

DisplayBase combines advanced targeting, retargeting, and optimization technologies and offers strategic campaign design, detailed reporting, and daily spend allocation and management.

“Creating a truly successful digital media campaign involves a lot of moving parts, prompting us to create DisplayBase to be a single point of entry to manage and optimize a display program,” said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence, in a statement. “We also take it a step further by having our team of experienced professionals help develop and execute the program to ensure our customers; success.”

DisplayBase is a comprehensive solution that enables users to do the following:

  • Create integrated digital media programs at scale and plan, manage, and optimize media buys across the entire digital media landscape with one source;
  • React to shifts in audience response within days;
  • Analyze performance data across all display platforms and media to support immediate program optimization;
  • Ensure performance data quality;
  • Model user behavior throughout the purchase journey;
  • Design long-tail campaigns with multitouch attribution; and
  • Use cross-platform micro targeting with look-alike, contextual, and geo-fencing targeting that puts ads in front of precisely the right audiences at the right time.

“With DisplayBase, True Influence has created another solution to make B2B marketing programs easier to plan and execute, as well as monitor performance and see results for your brand,” said Kerry Cunningham, senior research director at Sirius Decisions, in a statement.

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