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True Influence Launches InsightBASE for Eloqua

WASHINGTON, April 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — True Influence, a fact-based account marketing company specializing in B2B lead generation and prospect insight, today announced that its flagship InsightBASE™ platform is now available as a native Eloqua application within the Oracle Marketing AppCloud.

This delivers an entirely new capability to Eloqua users – automated triggering of email campaigns based on Intent Signals™ and Contact data, all powered by the proprietary True Influence Relevance Engine technology.

“We set out to productize business signaling intelligence with InsightBASE, and building a native Eloqua application puts this directly in the hands of marketers,” said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence. “The Oracle AppCloud team has been enthusiastic about delivering this powerful new capability to their users, and we appreciate their help in making this happen very quickly.”

InsightBASE is an Account-Based Marketing platform that monitors the activity of millions of companies across the web and connects their interests to prospects. Eloqua users can now automatically inject qualified prospects actually in the buying process into their campaigns. By providing full contact data (including email and phone number) to relevant contacts within these accounts, InsightBASE provides Eloqua users the reassurance that whenever a target account begins to be interested in their product, the relevant prospects within these companies will automatically receive the exact email campaign set up for them.

“We are seeing a big trend towards marketers looking to integrate external data with the intelligence they are gathering from their own internal campaigns,” said Andrew Gaffney, Editorial Director of Demand Gen Report, a leading digital publication focused on customer acquisition strategies. “Our research shows many organizations are focusing on more targeted initiatives, like Account-Based Marketing, so platforms such as InsightBASE that can help them build a more complete picture of their customers and prospects, will be critically important to these initiatives.”

About True Influence

Founded in 2008, True Influence is a data-driven technology company that connects you with your next customer.  We expertly leverage data, technology and content to drive high-impact marketing campaigns and share detailed data insights to help you win new business. True Influence drives leads and generates revenue across multiple industries, promoting brands and products from some of the most successful US companies. Its customer base spans fast growth SMBs to well-established blue chip brands like IBM, Microsoft and Cisco.

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