True Influence Upgrade Spots Prospects ‘Ready to Buy’

Mrweb features True Influence and the release of InsightBASE Version 2.0.

In the US, intent data platform True Influence has updated its flagship solution InsightBASE, to tell marketers when prospects are ready to buy their products or services.

Launched in 2015, InsightBASE monitors the online activity of millions of individuals visiting business web sites, gathering billions of purchase intent signals per month to help marketers reach relevant individuals at specific companies. Users of the Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution can target display advertising based on individuals’ interests; and send timely, targeted, product-specific e-mail campaigns to prospects at the beginning of their buying journey.

The latest edition homes in on specific intent signals, to give marketers the ideal time to approach prospects looking to buy their product or service. These signals are collected in real-time as the result of web-based activities – such as web searches, read articles, content downloads, social media activity, and more – to create a profile showing which companies and locations are actively in the market for a specific solution. Version 2.0 then organizes the data into topics relevant to the B2B marketer’s areas of interest.

CEO Brian Giese comments: ‘Today, companies tend to rely on first-party lists or behavioral data to plan their B2B marketing approach, but that is just a small piece of the puzzle. The fact is, B2B decisionmakers take a complex journey before making buying choices by conducting research for their next big purchase. To be truly competitive, it’s critical to have a complete, worldwide picture of your prospects’ overall online purchase journey’.

The company, which recently opened an office in London, is online at:

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