How Do You Use Buyer Intent to Improve Your Marketing and Sales Performance?

Use True Influence’s unique approach to reach, engage, and activate across multiple channels

How do you reach more B2B buyers?

When was the last time you said we have plenty of sales-qualified opportunities? 

Extend your reach and tap into audiences you might not have reached otherwise. Use intent from the True Influence Marketing Platform to accurately identify active B2B purchase intent signals. 

First, we collect and consolidate data from the world-wide web and run it through our Identify Graph Triangulation™  process. This process matches records to people doing research to solve business problems and gives you a true picture of cross-channel identity.

Then we analyze the records using The True Influence Relevance Engine™  with natural processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Next, we TripleCheck® – yes, we own the word ­­– and verify each contact record for accuracy. You’re probably already beginning to see how you can focus your budget and efforts.

How do you engage B2B buyers?

Now that you’ve identified potential customers that are actively researching business-related topics (oh, by the way we have 6500+ business topics), you will want to engage prospects sooner and begin amplifying your brand message with targeted content syndication.

The reach and diversity of our content syndication ensures you’ll get the steady supply of new, highly qualified and fully validated contact records you need to fuel your ABM.



How do you get deeper account intelligence for sales and marketing?

You might think that your marketing and sales teams are doing all they can to drive revenue, and that you have all the right systems in place. But it can be so much more. You can eliminate the need for point solutions and orchestrate across multiple channels from a single platform.

You need a platform to connect to all your channels. One that shows contact level intent and buying groups to determine exactly who is in-market for your products and who is engaging so you can take action.

Activate insights and fill your pipeline with quality domains with locations or full-contact records who are in-market within the True Influence Marketing Cloud Platform™️ today.