Webinar: DIY Demand Generation: Scrappy Marketing Strategies for Filling the Funnel Faster

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Webinar: DIY Demand Generation: Scrappy Marketing Strategies for Filling the Funnel Faster

Recession. Limited resources. Budget cuts. Pricing pressures. Diminishing returns on advertising. Poor response rates. Low conversion rates. Prospects who don’t want to engage your sales staff. Stiff competition. The challenges facing B2B marketers today are many. There is no “business as usual” any more. Traditional marketing techniques just do not work as well as they once did. And that is creating great demand for scrappy, street-smart marketers who know how to do more with less.

So what can a B2B marketer do to drive greater demand in this challenging environment? Quite a bit actually! Attend this webinar and learn how to become the in-demand scrappy marketer who can:

  • Drive greater response out of your outbound campaigns
  • Use trigger-based offers to qualify prospects and accelerate their evaluation processes
  • Think like a quota-carrying salesperson, and use that to improve your marketing
  • Increase conversion rates from your free trial programs
  • About the Speaker:

    As founder and principal of Demand A Lot Marketing, Jason coaches entrepreneurs and DIY marketers on demand generation strategies to accelerate growth. With experience that spans enterprise software sales and all facets of technology marketing, Jason has sourced, developed and closed millions of dollars in new business throughout his career.

    Before founding Demand a Lot Marketing, Jason was Vice President of Marketing at Coupa Software, the fast-growing cloud spend management solution provider that help companies large and small control their spending and generate savings that go direct to the bottom line. Under his leadership, Coupa grew 100% year-over-year and went from virtual unknown to being recognized by Gartner in 2011 for “standout performance in market share growth and its remarkable visibility in the e-procurement market.”

    Before joining Coupa, he served as Vice President of Corporate Marketing at InQuira, leading provider of enterprise knowledge applications recently acquired by Oracle, and was responsible for all corporate marketing initiatives, including demand generation, messaging, and marketing communications. During his 4+ year tenure, revenues grew nearly ten-fold and the marketing organization won one of the original Markies (for Best Lead Scoring).

    Earlier in his career, Jason held positions in product management, alliances and sales at Siebel Systems and InSystems Technologies. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Economics from the University of Delaware.

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